James Woods made an offensive meme about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on his Twitter account…

James Woods made an offensive meme about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on his Twitter account…

When James Woods likes spending his time on Twitter, where he has millions of followers. With such a massive following, whatever Woods puts on social media generally receives a lot of attention, which is what occurred when he slammed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

One widespread Woods meme depicts The Beatles’ John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono observing while a maid prepares their bed. «John and Yoko waiting for the maid to change the sheets so they may continue demonstrating against the system, 1969,» the meme says. Woods captioned the meme, «Meghan and Harry.» I took care of it.» This is his subtle way of saying Meghan and Harry are the new John and Yoko.

Yoko Ono is famed for her role in the dissolution of the iconic British rock group in 1970, and James Woods is making two points with this meme. He’s implying Meghan is the new Yoko, persuading Harry to resign as a royal and relocate the family to her home state of California. According to royal observers, this triggered a major collapse in the British Royal Family.

Woods mocks the married pair for the manner in which they perform their advocacy. Meghan and Harry have been chastised for correcting people about their carbon footprint while flying on luxury aircraft, which is similar to John and Yoko’s having a maid clean their bed while protesting the system. However, this was not the first time the veteran actor chimed in on the famous couple.

When James Woods comes to the internet to vent about Meghan and Harry, he has a recurring theme. As per Woods, Meghan Markle is the one who dominates in the family. When it was revealed that the couple was trying to purchase a waterfront property along California’s costly coastline, Woods chimed in once again.

James Woods also commented on the allegation that Meghan Markle was considering running for President of the United States. Most tabloids picked up on the allegation when British novelist Lady Colin Campbell said she was part of Meghan’s close group.

The suspected political ambitions of Meghan Markle piqued the interest of Joe Biden’s sister, who asked the former TV actress to «join the Democratic Party» and perhaps run for president. Woods’ reaction to this generated quite a stir on Twitter. «Why destroy one nation when you can destroy two?» The actor said on Instagram: «# Doubleheader.»

Longtime Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly was taken aback by Meghan’s announcement that she was considering running for President. «Would Miss ‘I Want Privacy’ run for President?» Kelly said. «She’s the same girl she was when she was Howie Mandel’s backup, when she demonstrated to us she could open bags extremely well, but has she ever started a campaign?» Has she ever established a business? «Has she ever signed the front of a paycheck rather than the back?»

James Woods, like Megyn Kelly, has criticized several elements of Meghan and Harry’s lives. In fact, some believe the seasoned actor predicted Harry’s destiny when he commented on the family dynamic when they were still honeymooners and hinted that Harry would relinquish his royal responsibilities. «The time you decided to go from being a prince to being a talent manager,» Woods tweeted with a picture of Harry looking upset.


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