My 8.5M Fans Mistake Me For Scarlett Johansson

My 8.5M Fans Mistake Me For Scarlett Johansson


MODEL and social media sensation Kate Shumskaya bears a startling resemblance to Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

Based in Russia, Kate’s similarity to Scarlett was first noticed by her classmates at school when she was just 12 years old. She looks so much like Scarlett, her Instagram gets flooded with well wishing messages as fans think Kate’s profile is actually the real Scarlett J’s…

Kate not only looks like Scarlett, she also regularly dresses up in cosplay as Johansson’s Marvel character Black Widow, performing dances and comedy sketches on her TikTok with each upload gaining her thousands of views.

Her Black Widow content has changed Kate’s life; her first video in costume went viral. Encouraged by this success she quit her job as a sales manager and is now a full time model and content creator.

Kate hopes to one day meet Scarlett in person and often wonders if the Hollywood A-Lister has heard about her and the uncanny likeness they share.

Who is Kate Shumskaya: The world has witnessed it time and time again and yet when a chance discovery shows someone has a doppelganger – another human with eery clone-like similarity – it is always still a marvel.

Talking of doppelgangers and marvels, the internet is currently enthralled with finding an influencer who has a close resemblance to Black Widow Scarlett Johansson.

Blogger, model and TikTok star from Russia, Kate Shumskaya is taking social media by storm. Her profiles are shoring up followers who are flocking to see her likeness to the American actor. Shumskaya, aware of the resemblance she bears, often cosplays as Johansson’s characters.


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