People demand Whoopi Goldberg to be fired after her «bad behavior» on live TV

People demand Whoopi Goldberg to be fired after her «bad behavior» on live TV

Whoopi Goldberg was left feeling the pressure after being chastised on the radio for her comments. In an episode of The View, the TV host made quite a stir when she discussed parenting. «Sometimes you have to be an a** to be a parent,» said the host. The comedian’s profanity, according to The Sun, did not go over well with spectators.

«Whoopi and Sunny’s [Hostin] filthy language was a touch extreme today,» one Reddit member observed. The individual also chastised the presenters for swearing while discussing tougher gun regulations. » «I realize they’re enthusiastic about gun control, but this isn’t the Howard Stern show.» Some individuals have children who are home for the summer.

According to the Daily Mail, fans of Whoopi Goldberg’s American talk program urged that she be fired for using inappropriate words on live television. After the popular program suffered a string of mistakes, fans demanded that the producers recast the show. «Someone has to start challenging Whoopi,» one admirer said.

But it isn’t all. This happened after the seasoned actress made waves a few days earlier when she blamed her guest co-anchor, Ana Navarro, for attempting to steal her position. Whoopi is in charge of conducting the episodes and selecting whether to change subjects or take a break as The View’s moderator. Ana, on the other hand, decided to give it a go and attempted to finish a conversation by interrupting Whoopi.

After interrupting the long-running host, Navarro offered a commercial break. «Perhaps we’ll speak about it more when we get back,» Ana said, giving Whoopi a side-eye. Whoopi sarcastically questioned Ana, «Oh, you want to do this?» to put her back in her place.

Fans expressed their outrage not just on social media but also by signing a petition to «fire» Whoopi Goldberg. The petition was started after Goldberg made the controversial Holocaust statements, but it gained pace when Whoopi’s cussing on live TV enraged fans.

Goldberg recently enraged British followers when she said the Royal Family should «apologize» for slavery. «Britain trampled on India for years,» Goldberg remarked. «Let us not forget, as we discuss what needs to happen, all the people who need to apologize.» This is not a new phenomenon. I suppose Prince Charles had some clue when he was in Barbados because he went on and apologized. Yeah, he was surrendering Britain’s grasp. So, maybe someone is listening, and it’s one of the new bunch of people. I’m not sure whether it’s Charles, but one of them. »

The Daily Mail’s piece regarding Goldberg’s statements against the Royal Family drew a lot of attention. «This is becoming tedious,» Jo from Edinburgh wrote. «If a guy mistreated my grandpa, I would not knock on his grandchild’s house demanding an apology.» It’s ridiculous. Everyone is offended by everything and demands apologies and/or monetary compensation. «All any of us can do is live our lives and strive to be nice people.»


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