Thousands of people have praised a retired teacher’s letter to parents

Thousands of people have praised a retired teacher’s letter to parents

Lisa Roberson, a former teacher, made headlines when she chose to put pen to paper and express her emotions about the current state of public schools. Even though many people have different opinions on the public education system, parenting, and education, this instructor hit a chord because she talked from experience.

As the others questioned why American children seem to be lagging behind their counterparts in other countries, the former teacher composed her message and sent it to her local newspaper, which carried it in black and white. Lisa laid it all on the line, pointing out what she feels is the underlying cause behind failing pupils, and her statements left little room for interpretation.

«As a retired teacher, I am weary of individuals choosing how to reform our education system who learn nothing about public schools or have not been in a classroom in a long time,» Lisa Roberson commented. Then she came to what she thinks is the heart of the problem. «The instructors are not the issue!» The issue is with the parents! «They are not teaching their children politeness, respect, or even a broad understanding of how to get along with people,» she said.

«The youngsters arrive at school wearing shoes that cost more than the full outfit of the instructor, yet they don’t have a pencil or paper.» Who supplies them? «The professors often supply them out of their own wallets,» Lisa said. Then she proceeded to ask a slew of questions to which some of these parents would not be pleased with the answers.

«When you look at ‘failed’ schools, look at the parents and children.» Do parents attend parent-teacher conferences? Do they communicate with instructors on a regular basis? «Do they make certain that their kids do their homework?» Lisa Roberson posed a rhetorical question.

Do the students take class notes? Do they do their homework? Do the pupils pay attention in class, or are they the cause of disruptions? » Lisa went on to say, «When you look at these things, you will realize that it is the parents who are failing, not the schools.» Teachers and parents cannot both perform their duties. Nothing will improve unless parents stand up and perform their jobs! »

Of course, the truth stings, so these comments may sting a lot more for some than for others. But, to a degree, Lisa Roberson is correct. The success of a kid cannot be left only to the teacher. The parents must be there and, above all, must parent. Even though a teacher may assist reinforce it, certain lessons must be taught at home first. To begin with, it is not the school’s role to teach our children basic manners and respect.

Those fundamental ideas should be taught to children at home by their parents before they enter a school classroom. Teachers are in charge of teaching students skills such as reading, writing, and math. That is just not possible if the youngster does not know how to act. It may be difficult to hear, but if a kid is failing, before pointing the blame elsewhere, they should undertake some self-reflection to ensure they are meeting their own expectations and duties. After all, parents are a child’s first instructors.


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