How has Will Smith’s life changed after a scandal at the Oscars?

How has Will Smith’s life changed after a scandal at the Oscars?

Everyone probably knows Will Smith and has watched at least one of his films. He is famous around the world and has many fans and followers all over the world. He is an award-winning performer and a social media influencer with millions of followers.

But no one could imagine that the accident at the 2022 Oscars would change everything for him.

He slapped an actor, Chris Rock, for making a comment about his wife’s hairstyle.

Since the furious on-stage altercation with Rock, the «King Richard» actor has endured negative criticism from his colleagues and fans, as well as serious penalties for his behavior. Let’s see what happened to Smith after his cancellation.

Being canceled and losing admirers and followers on social media is not only usual, but also anticipated when one is behaving in this way. Will Smith spent years building his social media profile before the Oscar incident. He routinely uploaded vlogs to YouTube, published behind-the-scenes photos to Instagram, and even experimented with TikTok.

The Oscars event had a detrimental influence on several of Will Smith’s film ventures. While some were merely placed on hold, others looked to have been cancelled entirely. The Hollywood Reporter stated only days after the awards presentation that Smith’s next Netflix project, «Fast and Loose,» had been placed on hold. However, it’s worth mentioning that the film’s director, David Leitch, had dropped out of the project a week before the Oscars event, which might have influenced Netflix’s decision.

Will Smith has usually managed to preserve a reputation as a nice and respectable celebrity during his lengthy career. As a result, the Oscar incident may have seemed out of character to people who know him intimately as well as those who adore him.

Smith began going to treatment immediately after the event, according to ET, but additional specifics, such as the kind of therapy, location, and therapy group, were not included in the article.


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