Jaden & Willow Smith Confront Mom Jada Pinkett Smith On Red Table Talk

Jaden & Willow Smith Confront Mom Jada Pinkett Smith On Red Table Talk


Jaden & Willow Smith Confront Jada Pinkett Smith For Affair On Red Table Talk
You ever hear the phrase, “we are our parent’s children”? That is a reference to how we usually turn out a certain way depending on how our parents raise us.

So thus, if you turn out great, it’s more than likely because of your parents. If you turn out bad or strange, usually your parents are to blame. And in celebrity culture, this is something that is most definitely talked about. Because sometimes you can’t help but wonder what went wrong with certainly celebrity children.

Which brings us to Jada Pinkett Smith, who revealed in a recent episode of her show “Red Table Talk” that she has been “mother shamed” because of what has been going on with her children Jaden and Willow. We’ll break it down for you. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

And there you have it, a look at the various sides of issues that Jada Pinkett Smith is going through in terms of her children and the “shaming” that she has been getting because of them.

Do you think that people are being overbearing in shaming Jada Pinkett Smith for how she has handled raising her kids? Do you think it’s her fault that Willow and Jaden have acted out like they did?

Do you think that people should just mind their own business and save the judging for their own lives and families? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the channel!



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