ROCKY VII Final Trailer “Retirement” (HD) Sylvester Stallone | Rocky Balboa Returns (Fan Made)

ROCKY VII Final Trailer “Retirement” (HD) Sylvester Stallone | Rocky Balboa Returns (Fan Made)


Rocky Balboa returns to boxing one last time, and aims to inspire his son to pursue his dream as a boxing champion.

This came as a surprise when I was able to put together a good amount of clips to make another Rocky VII trailer. Thanks to behind the scene footage from the GRUDGE MATCH, and even interviews from the set this was virtually possible to bring to life once again.

I also used experienced from Iron Man 4 dream trailers that I utilize which is actors interview. Which actual worked well in this one since Rocky is a global icon, so its possible to get real life actor interviews to make it the characters!

The interview with Rocky’s son talking about bringing his father back to the ring was possible to thanks to the actors interview from the talk show (which was actually about Sylvester Stallone joining his show)

To re introduce once again the plot of Rocky returning to boxing because he wants to inspire his son, we needed a quick recap so I did some voice overs like “breaking news 5 years ago, Rocky Balboa Jr has stepped in the ring…” also we get some awesome Breaking news showing Rocky Balboa Jr. quitting boxing.

I made a scene when Rocky was talking to Creed about responsibility. In the beginning you see Rocky collection, which I showed to highlight the fans still loving the iconic boxer.



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