Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Confronts Mom Jada Pinkett Smith On Red Table Talk

Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Confronts Mom Jada Pinkett Smith On Red Table Talk


Number 3: Alone
It was not surprising when Jaden Smith decided at the age of 16 to move out of his parent’s house and stay alone. Most people were against Will Smith’s style of parenting and believed that this style of parenting will spoil a child and probably expose the child to irreparable damage.

In Jada Smith’s opinion, Jaden is going to be okay staying by himself because she said he is a very mature child that he was far matured than his age.

Number 2: Favored Son
In contrast to Will Smith saying that he allows his children to make their own decisions and also let them know the consequences of their decisions, he said that Jaden Smith was a favored child in a Red Table Talk of recent.

This coming out from Will Smith’s mouth sort of makes it more pronounced that Jaden Smith may be the favorite child of the family but then we all know that Jaden Smith does not seem to like this idea because he believes that he is working to create a life and a story of his own.

Number 1: The Shamed Wife
Another interesting occurrence was when Jada Pinkett Smith said that she was mom shamed along with her son Jaden. To be sincere, it wouldn’t have been easy for Jaden to have coped through the couple of months his parents were actually in crisis because no child would be happy about his or her parents breaking up or having one crisis or the other.

As it seems, Jaden seems to believe that his mother is the one pulling the strings causing this crisis because his father which is Will Smith has done nothing but to settle the situation so it is normal that Jaden is a bit angry or maybe angrier with his mother.


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