Salma Hayek shares snaps of her taking a dip

Salma Hayek shares snaps of her taking a dip

No one can ever claim that international movie star and icon Salma Hayek doesn’t know how to let down her guard and have fun!

The actress, 55, rocks in bikinis more than most people in their 20s and 30, never apologizing for her age!

Gracefully aging like a fine wine, Salma has always kept her 21.4 million Instagram followers entertained with various bikini photos and shots from behind the scenes of her various projects.

The multi-talented actress recently uploaded a picture dressed in a bikini that showed off her toned and curvy physique. She complemented her looks with sunglasses, tied a knot of her hair, and was accessorized with a necklace.

She has been in countless films that veer towards action and thrillers, but Hayek is famous for her role in the 2002 film Frida, which was based on Frida Kahlo’s life history.

The movie catapulted her to a true A-list level in Hollywood in terms of acting ability and her fans regularly point it out as her most important role to date.

Besides her outstanding acting skills, Salma has been mentioned as one most beautiful women globally and now that her daughter is in her teens, it may be just a matter of time before she too is gracing covers alone.


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