Salma Hayek Unveils Massive Chest Tattoos

Salma Hayek Unveils Massive Chest Tattoos

Salma Hayek is a master at deception. The 54-year-old unveiled brand new tattoos covering her bare chest just one day after igniting plastic surgery speculations, but it’s not what you think.

When she posted a smiling topless photo on her social media, the “Like a Boss” actress made her followers give a double-take. On Thursday, February 4, the Mexican-born bombshell sparked a commotion when she posted a photo of her famed DDs covered in tattoos, leaving everyone yelling, “Oh Dios mo!”

Salma Hayek unleashed her sensual and smart side by slipping on a pair of black-rimmed spectacles and sharing the topless photo without warning. The award-winning actress, who was dressed in nothing but a basic robe, teased everyone when she peeled back her robe.

The award-winning actress teased everyone by pulling down the soft material and flashing a lot of cleavages while wearing nothing but a basic robe. Salma Hayek let her new tattoos do the talking, revealing just enough cleavage to put her fans in a trance. Everyone’s eyes fell when she showed off her brand new tattoos, which included a big sunflower above her left breast and a spreading vine looping around the other.

Salma Hayek said in her movie teaser that her fresh tattoos are only for show. Perfect timing, given that the Internet erupted earlier this week with rumors that she had undergone face surgery. Scroll down to find out!

“In the middle of a #makeup #hair and #tattoo test for “Bliss”. Salma Hayek captioned the horrific tattoo photo, “Coming out tomorrow on @amazonprimevideo.” According to The Blast, the star sparked outrage when she shared a recent shot, prompting fans to express concern about her shifting appearance.

Salma Hayek must have taken public relations 101 because her big chest tattoos diverted everyone’s attention away from the rumors. “Noooooooooo por favoooorrrrr,” one fan responded. “Amazing and emotionally charged?” said another. “Thank you, God!” “I believed they were real,” another anxious follower said. Salma Hayek’s chest will always draw attention, tattoos or no tattoos!

Source: Salma Hayek/Instagram


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