The first shot from the set – Margot Robbie in the role of “Barbie”

The first shot from the set – Margot Robbie in the role of “Barbie”

Some moviegoers know her as Naomi Lapalia from The Wolf of Wall Street, some as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and some as Maggot’s nickname in high school. No matter where you find information about her, the fact is that Margo Robbie is one of the most talented and distinctive actresses in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie has made a name for herself in the community with a number of cult roles. In 2016, the Hollywood beauty starred in the filming of Suicide Squad. The first series created on DC Anti-Heroes proved to be a success for the actress.

This was the first time the performer had landed the role of Harley Quinn. After “Professional Psychopath” and the Joker’s ex-girlfriend Suicide Squad, viewers saw her in Birds of Prey. The independent film, released in 2020, is entirely devoted to a story full of exciting adventures of Harley Quinn.

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This time, the movie star will appear in front of the public in the role of “Barbie”, which is currently being filmed.

A few hours ago, first exclusive footage was released from the set.

The film is directed by Greta Gerwig and will premiere in 2023.

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