“Impossible But I will say Black Widow”: Chris Evans Stays Loyal to His Co-Star Scarlett Johansson and Ditches Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlett Witch

“Impossible But I will say Black Widow”: Chris Evans Stays Loyal to His Co-Star Scarlett Johansson and Ditches Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlett Witch

Chris Evans has had an illustrious career in the MCU playing the role of Captain America. It’s been proven time and time again that Steve Rogers is the kind of leader that the Avengers had always needed to lead them to victory, and time and time again, Evans has proven that he was born to play the First Avenger. From the creation of the Avengers team in 2012 to the end of the Infinity Saga in Avengers: Endgame, where we saw him commanding the forces with the iconic “Avengers Assemble” was the peak of his influence as a natural-born leader.

Though he did play the role of the leader that gave equal attention and importance to everyone, Chris Evans might be a little bit more selfish than people might think.

In an interview with People Magazine, he was put on the chair and was asked a lot of questions that were sure to put him in a tight spot, but when it came to choosing between his co-stars playing Black Widow and Scarlett Witch, it was a simple and quick answer for him.

Chris Evans Chooses Scarlett Johansson!
Chris Evans might not be that much of a social person, seeing as he recently joined Instagram, but his friends and -coworkers are still very much fond of him. Being the assigned Captain of the Avengers, he has to stay impartial to his team members, whether it be on or off camera. But he is human after all, and as every human being, we tend to have a couple of favorites in certain departments.

During a recent reel that was posted by People Magazine on their official Instagram page, Evans was seen being interrogated by the crew to choose between two things to see which one he liked better than the other. It would’ve been simple if they had taken it a little subtly, but they were prepared with the big guns, and one of them was choosing between Black Widow and the Scarlett Witch. Most people thought this would be one of those hard questions, but it was one of the simple ones as Evans went with his long-time co-star Scarlett Johansson.

This was an easy one because of the fact that Johansson has been by his side longer since 2012’s The Avengers, While Elizabeth Olsen is practically a newcomer to the team, so it was not a hard choice for Captain America to talk about his next of kin.

Chris Evans And A Return To The MCU?

Just like Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man, Chris Evans and Captain America are no longer part of the current roster of superheroes in the MCU, and their absence can be felt. in the upcoming Phase 5, we would be facing a bigger threat than Thanos in the face of the multiversal being known as Kang the Conquerer, and then we would require a leader like Stever Rogers to lead the new Avengers into battle. With all the multiversal shenanigans going on, who knows, we might get to see Evans holding that shield again.

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