“Ocean’s 8” has many beauties but this is the most beautiful Sє*y queen!

“Ocean’s 8” has many beauties but this is the most beautiful Sє*y queen!

Anne Hathaway once again casts a “love charm” into her every captivating moment on the big screen “Ocean’s 8”.

The film about the “sister” bandits just released “Ocean’s 8” has received mixed reviews, but ignoring the content and only talking about the visuals, the result is a new movie.

gathered the most popular beauties of contemporary Hollywood, from Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock to Rihanna.

In addition to the guest stars, there are also Gigi Hadid, Kim sisters, Kylie, Kendall. But talking about the character who really occupies the spotlight in “Ocean’s 8” about beauty, then perhaps many viewers have to admit that it is the “Sєxy queen” Anne Hathaway!

In real life, already a Hollywood superstar, in the movie Anne Hathaway also takes on the role of a beautiful movie star named Daphne Kluger.

For that reason, she is obviously the most beautiful and luxurious character in “Ocean’s 8”. From her white skin,

voluptuous figure to her plump lips, big brown eyes, the image of Daphne that Anne shows has truly captured the hearts of many moviegoers with just her excellent appearance.


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