Ana de Armas Flaunts Her Summer Body In A Bikini

Ana de Armas Flaunts Her Summer Body In A Bikini

One Hollywood actress who is the undeniable ‘It Girl’ of the moment is none other than Ana de Armas. The Cuban beauty has made quite a splash over the past two years and as she continues to break out in bigger and better roles, it is only a matter of time before she is a household name. Combining her gorgeous looks and acting talent, the sky is the limit for Ana and more people are falling in love with her performances on screen and for her social media posts.

In a recent photo shoot for Elle, Armas got truly into the artistic side of things by posing on a deck near the water. In a black high-waisted bikini, she is definitely every inch the star that Hollywood has proclaimed her to be! In the second slide, she traded the bikini top for a tank top and laid on the bed, giving a sultry look.

The stunner was born and raised in Cuba, growing up in Havana. Since she is Spanish through her mother’s side of the family, Ana was able to earn Spanish citizenship after moving to Spain at the age of 18. It was there that she began to forge a career as an actress.

The actress wore a multicolored bikini with a string top tied on the front and a green face cap. Her swimwear choice highlighted her flat tummy and perky butt, which she put on full display in slide three.

She also captured the picturesque blue ocean surrounded by mountains and greenery and then gave a sneak peek of her partner’s legs. Since her breakup with Ben Affleck, the actress has kept a low dating profile leaving fans to speculate on the identity of her mystery man.


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