Joy Corrigan Flaunts Her Jaw-Dropping Figure In A Black bikini On The Beach In Miami

Joy Corrigan Flaunts Her Jaw-Dropping Figure In A Black bikini On The Beach In Miami

Joy Corrigan flaunts her jaw-dropping figure in a black bikinied the beach in Miami Joy Corrigan showcased her jaw-dropping figure on Monday when she Cat walked up and down Miami Beach in a black chain-link bikini before lounging on her Big Tech boyfriend, Ted Danika.

The 27-year-old model, who never fails to flaunt her incredible body, emerged from the surf in her skimpy swimwear and prowled onto a chaise lounge with the former Myspace executive, 46.

The couple were joined by Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson, 52, who reclined beside the pair as they canoodled together under the sun. Strutting out of the water, dripping with confidence, Corrigan arched her physique and combed through her lustrous blonde hair.

Large designer shades were the influencer’s only accessory. Criss-crossed black straps adorned her flat abs while slinky metal chains held up her thong bikini bottom.

The eye-popping bikinis from Joy’s own line of high-end swimwear called [email protected] Species and her upstart brand certainly embodies its name. The Victoria’s Secret stunner started [email protected] Species with her sister Gina and the bombshell siblings favor a less-is-more aesthetic when it comes to creating swimwear.

In an interview with Maxim last year, the model discussed her laid back attitude towards showing her body in front of the camera. I love to be s’exy and I love to show skin ’cause I work out really hard to get the body that I have. I’ve always been very free-spirited about it.’

The North Carolina native added that she tries to keep every picture ‘classy’ and declared that her goal is to be ‘a visual showcase of the beauty of what a woman can look like.’


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