Mia Khalifa says she spends ‘middle class salary’ in Paris after fan spots ‘herass’

Mia Khalifa says she spends ‘middle class salary’ in Paris after fan spots ‘herass’

Expornphenomenon Mia Khalifa has claimed she spends a “middle class annual salary” in a luxury clothing store in Paris, after a fan quizzed her after seeing “herass” in an engagement video.

The bizarre exchange started when Chicago Bulls basketball team tweeted a video of their player Derrick Jones Jr proposing to his now-fiance Sherry in Paris.

None other than Mia was spotted in the background of the clip, and a fan later tagged the Bulls’ social media and asked: “Who took Mia khalifa to the Paris dinner I know I saw herassin the video”.

The OnlyFans star then quote tweeted the fan’s question and said: “Off-White™️ management because I spend a middle class annual salary there every time I come thru Paris.”

It comes just days after Khalifa sparked outrage after comparing herself to the Virgin Mary while standing in the American Cathedral in Paris.

While there, she posted a photo of herself in the main cathedral hall at the front of the tiled floor from 1886 which was used as a runway for the event.

Wearing knee-high gaping leather boots and just a pink-striped shirt, she appeared to be fitting in with the fashion crowd at the event.

But it was her comment on Instagram which accompanied the image that caused a huge stir.

She wrote: “Tell your kids this was the Virgin Mary.”

Normally, her 27.5m-strong army of social media fans fawn over her Instagram posts – but not this time.

The image and comment appears to have backfired, as she was slammed for being “disrespectful”.

One person wrote: “She should dress properly for church.

“Nothing is sacred any more in (the) west.”

And a second posted: “I’m an atheist but that’s a bit disrespectful IMO (in my opinion).”

A third accused her of “satanism”, while another person added: “You don’t do this type of s**t in a religious place.”


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