How does the 73-year-old woman look after losing 30 kilograms thanks to her daughter?

How does the 73-year-old woman look after losing 30 kilograms thanks to her daughter?

Joan McDonald, because of her age, faced many age-related difficulties, and at one point the situation had progressed to the point where it was difficult for her to walk.
Her life was not always easy, and she ate her failures and stresses with sweets.

When her weight reached 90 kilograms, she began to experience health issues.

Joan was also short and overweight, which made her even more unattractive.

«You can’t rewind time, but you can wind up your watch!» wrote the woman on social media.
My daughter’s gift of a new phone changed everything. It was intended for her mother to begin her studies online.

Michelle, a well-known fitness trainer, designed the workouts specifically for Joan.
Of course, not everything was perfect.
Initially, the woman was unable to cope with the new fashionable phone, so she tuned in to the appropriate mood…

But, with time, she was able to overcome both the technique and her excess weight.
The entire training program was in one application, which was very convenient because the woman always knew what to do when to do it, and how many repetitions she needed to do.
Grandma took her body and health very seriously; she worked out four times a week, and as a result, Joan not only lost weight but also gained some muscle.

It’s amazing, but recently a woman could hardly move from one room to another, and now she easily lifts 80 kilograms and even more.
In addition to strength training, Joan is also actively engaged in cardio training.
As a result, having lost 30 kilograms, the woman not only began to look good but also got rid of many diseases.

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