Jessica Alba’s kitchen blends white Zellige tiles with this iconic Farrow & Ball shade – a match made in heaven

Jessica Alba’s kitchen blends white Zellige tiles with this iconic Farrow & Ball shade – a match made in heaven

The actress taps into two timeless looks in the center point of her home – experts explain why you should replicate the look
The only thing we love more than zellige tiles is when they are paired with an iconic Farrow & Ball shade – as is the case in Jessica Alba’s kitchen.

The actress, best known for Into the Blue, Honey, and Mechanic: Resurrection – shared a look inside her Los Angeles kitchen – a bright white space with pockets of a gray-blue hue, otherwise known as Down Pipe by the aforementioned paint powerhouse.
The tone (described as a ‘dark lead gray’ with ‘definite blue undertones’) is already known to be a favorite among celebrities – with Hollywood counterpart Stanley Tucci recently sharing that he has the same kitchen color in his London home. However, it is Jessica Alba’s pairing with her white Zellige tiles that gets design experts really excited.

When it comes to timeless (but nonetheless trending) kitchen tiles, you could do far worse than investing in Zellige – meaning ‘little polished stone’ in Arabic. These tiles are characterized by their glazed, irregular surfaces that are often used to create mosaics with geometric patterns.
Zellige tiles have existed since the 10th century but have recently become a firm favorite bathroom and kitchen trend – and after seeing Jessica Alba’s space – it’s easy to see why.

The actress has paired her tiles with off-white marble kitchen countertops and the celebrated gray-blue cabinetry; however, the team at Baked Tiles(opens in new tab) suggests that Zellige works well alongside rustic furnishings and metal accents, too.
‘Currently, there is a move towards a more earthy Moroccan look with traditional products such as Terracotta, Bejmat, and Zellige tiles being used as a backdrop to rustic furniture and natural fabrics, punctuated with aged metal accents,’ they say.

Feras Irikat, an expert from Lunada Bay Tile(opens in new tab), mirrors these sentiments – adding that rustic-style tiles (including Zellige) are a worthwhile investment that will accentuate any size or style of kitchen.
‘Tile is having a moment. And why shouldn’t it? Tile has been an integral element in design for thousands of years in most parts of the world, coveted for its beauty and durability and as a material for artisans to create interior works of art. Today, we are reaping the rewards of tile’s rich legacy,’ Feras says.Design and marketing Director at Lunada Bay TileFeras Irikat is the director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, a maker of handcrafted glass, stone, metal, wood, and ceramic tiles, located in Harbor City, California. He is regarded as an innovator in the tile design industry – overseeing the creation of tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior use far beyond the Golden State.
And, of course, Jessica Alba’s Zellige splashback did not go unnoticed. ‘Using tiles as a kitchen splashback is an exquisite way of displaying and accentuating their pattern, texture, and glaze,’ Feras adds. ‘[They] are beautiful pieces of art on their own and have the power to utterly transform a room.’
Is our future kitchen rooted in the 10th century? Thanks to Jessica, we’re inclined to believe so.

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