Reasons Jackie Chan Doesn’t Like Rush Hour..

Reasons Jackie Chan Doesn’t Like Rush Hour..

Reporting from Screen Rant, Jackie Chan admits that he doesn’t really like the film Rush Hour , which made him successful in Hollywood. He admitted that Rush Hour did not live up to his expectations.
Jackie Chan admitted he didn’t like Rush Hour because he wasn’t much involved in the pre-production of the film. In the film he admits he didn’t even know what the crew was discussing.

“Everyone spoke English very fast. I just said the dialogue they wanted,” explained Jackie.
Jackie also said there were many stunts he wanted to do but the crew didn’t allow him to.

“Every time I want to continue working or doing an action that I think is cool. They say: Can’t we have to go home, 8 hours working time. Union rules!” explained Jackie Chan .
These things made Jackie quite disappointed.

But then he was grateful that the film could become a hit and make Jackie a Hollywood star.
Jackie Chan then became increasingly popular in Hollywood by starring in films such as The Tuxedo, The Foreigner and The Karate Kid. ***

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