Dakota Johnson transforms her look with an oversized black blazer and puddle pants

Dakota Johnson transforms her look with an oversized black blazer and puddle pants

Actress and Hollywood star Dakota Johnson will produce the comedy series ‘Slip’ which begins in April 2023 and is about the crazy story of a woman who travels through parallel universes to find her way back to her partner and herself. .
The success of the series with the public remains to be seen, but what we can be sure of is that there will be no lack of suspense. After all, that’s the never-missing factor in parallel universe stories filled with places that suddenly look different, characters that suddenly look different, or completely different personalities.

One thing that applies equally to all universes though (assuming they exist in reality) is that you can never go wrong with an oversized black blazer . This is a basic garment that goes with everything and can always be combined and adapted to the most diverse occasions.
Dakota Johnson demonstrates it now in the presentation event of her next series ‘Slip’, since even a simple black look can be completely transformed with an oversized black blazer so as not to be boring.

How to wear a blazer and puddle pants elegantly like Dakota JohnsonHer trick: Instead of a smooth-surfaced blazer , she went with a special The Row design, which has very subtle stripes. She also wore the brand’s puddle pants that are part of the outfit. The best thing is that while the blazer is very boxy and oversized, the puddle pants , also black, are fitted at the hips but slightly flared at the legs. The two cuts complement each other perfectly and create an original and very elegant silhouette. The minimalist top with a wide cut in black is the ideal complement to break with the oversize blazer.
The same goes for the bag. In this case, Dakota Johnson also chose a model in solid black, but its unusual shape makes it a center of attention in her look, as the Aupen brand bag has an asymmetrical design. What makes it even cooler is that it is a vegan leather bag that is also affordable because it costs about 150 dollars.

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