“We’re All Guilty of Using Google”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Who Doesn’t Have a Phone, Exposes the Dark Reality of Our Unhealthy World

“We’re All Guilty of Using Google”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Who Doesn’t Have a Phone, Exposes the Dark Reality of Our Unhealthy World

While bodybuilding veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club, to provide a daily dose of wellness to his readers, the content of it isn’t restricted to the world of bodybuilding. Instead, it stretches to anything and everything that may have an impact on health- mental or physical. Technology seems to be one of the things on Schwarzenegger’s hit list. Though living in an era of innovation and technology, the legend doesn’t even own a cell phone. The Terminator actor always strives to minimize his dependence on machines and urges fans to do the same.
In the latest edition of his newsletter, Schwarzenegger shed light on the downside of using one of the most commonly used software, Google. The Austrian Oak alleges even a search engine can negatively impact one’s health.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares an honest opinion
In his newsletter on 21st April, Schwarzenegger addressed how the Internet might not be as helpful as one thinks it is. While Google might be the go-to place for everyone to seek answers, at times, the answer it provides might just be misinformation. Schwarzenegger wrote in his newsletter, “We’re all guilty of using Google to answer our most pressing needs and questions. But with the obesity epidemic plaguing the entire world for decades, it might be time to ask an important question: are search engines playing a role in making us less healthy?”

Schwarzenegger revealed that people rely on the Internet for health-related advice instead of approaching a doctor. According to a survey, this makes up 40% of the population. He claims Google is the root cause of spreading misinformation about dietary substances. Citing the example of carbs, Schwarzenegger said the Internet claims all carbs are bad for health. However, in reality, it’s far from the truth. Certain carbs aid in healthy fat loss.
So does this mean the former Governor of California wants everyone to boycott the Internet?

Seek the correct information, not misinformation
Though shedding light on its downsides, Schwarzenegger isn’t asking to quit the Internet, instead, he wants the readers to focus on the quality of the information they consume. He added, “Change can be very hard, and a little bit of discomfort can benefit you.”

“But, if your search leads you to extreme restriction, cutting out an entire food group, or eating in a way that makes you miserable, it’s likely not the solution you need,” Schwarzenegger continued. He concluded by reassuring the fans he’ll always bring quality information to them through his newsletter. Arnie would do so by blending his practical advice and doses of positivity with data backed up by science.
Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out, nowadays, people try to find solutions online rather than physically approaching experts in the field. Do you agree with Schwarzenegger that this outlook might be the root cause of many problems?

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