“Can’t think of anyone who’s better”: Amber Heard Wanted to Become Bigger Than $120M Rich Angelina Jolie Before Johnny Depp Trial Showed Her True Colors

“Can’t think of anyone who’s better”: Amber Heard Wanted to Become Bigger Than $120M Rich Angelina Jolie Before Johnny Depp Trial Showed Her True Colors

Amber Heard is an actress, activist, and model in her own right, despite the tumultuous defamation trial she had with Johnny Depp making headlines. Following the release of The Rum Diary with her ex-husband, she experienced an increase in popularity.
However, the Aquaman actress was a regular on-screen presence at the start of 2022, but not because of her line of work. Her bitter defamation case against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was seen by millions of people every day, thanks to live TV, streaming coverage, and daily recaps.

In 2013, as both her professional and romantic lives were thriving, Amber Heard revealed who her acting role model is. And it wasn’t her legendary actor ex-husband, for sure.
In a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair, Heard was asked if there were any actors she looked up to. At the time, the actress was promoting her film, Paranoia. You’ll be surprised by her prompt reply.

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Amber Heard Admired Angelina JolieIn 2012, after the release of The Rum Diary (the movie where she first met her ex, Johnny Depp), Amber Heard had taken a break from acting. She made a comeback in 2013 with the releases of Syrup, Paranoia, and Machete Kills.

When asked in an interview with Vanity Fair, the same year to name any actors she admired, she immediately named Angelina Jolie, as her role model.
“I can’t think of anyone who’s better accomplished the kind of trajectory I admire better than Angelina Jolie.”

She continued by saying,
“She’s really parlayed life in the public eye and used it to her advantage as opposed to just living life as a recluse because you feel taken advantage of by the general public and the paparazzi-obsessed culture.”
The 2013 interview has received more than 902k views since then and is still available on YouTube. Additionally, it has received more than 2233 comments and 4.5k likes. Amber Heard’s statement during the interview appeared to have drawn criticism from a number of online users.
Some people even said that her mentioning Angelina Jolie’s name was an “insult.”
Angelina Jolie Is More Than Just An ActorAngelina Jolie made a name for herself as an actor in blockbusters like Maleficent, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Girl Interrupted. Jolie hasn’t stopped acting, but she is now famed for a lot more than just her roles.
The Salt actress has produced several films, including two Maleficent movies and the Oscar-nominated, animated movie, The Breadwinner.
Jolie has a long history of directing films, including several that she also produced, such as By the Sea, First They Killed My Father, In the Land of Blood and Honey, and Unbroken, which received an Oscar nomination.
Her career is also noteworthy outside of Hollywood. She is renowned for her life-changing humanitarian work, which includes serving as a goodwill ambassador for the UN and advocating for refugees’ rights in Afghanistan.
Does Amber Heard share any similarities with Angelina Jolie?
Aside from their differences in fame as actors, Heard and Jolie’s careers share some similarities.
Heard has also made good use of her notoriety and name. She worked with the Syrian American Medical Society to aid Syrian civil war refugees for a period of time in Jordan. She has also been named a Human Rights Champion by the UN Office of the High Commissioner.
Moreover, the ugly breakdown of a high-profile relationship is yet another similarity between Jolie and Heard’s careers.
It’s a less savory connection to make, but it should be noted.

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