Chloë Grace Moretz “too sticky” for Brooklyn Beckham: She keeps smiling

Chloë Grace Moretz “too sticky” for Brooklyn Beckham: She keeps smiling

The actress appeared radiant at the Deauville festival, after the announcement of her breakup.
First appearance on the red carpet for the pretty Chloë Grace Moretz , since the announcement of her surprise breakup with Brooklyn Beckham. The 19-year-old American actress and the son of Victoria and David Beckham separated a few weeks ago after a summer of love . The two former lovebirds had been dating for several years , but only formalized their relationship last spring . The spotlight on their couple has obviously been fatal.

The star of the film Kick-Ass was not let down, however, as evidenced by his remarkable arrival at the American film festival currently taking place in Deauville. This Friday (September 2), the pretty blonde came to attend the screening of the film The Infiltrator , which stars Diane Kruger and Bryan Cranston . Splendid and very low-cut in a dress signed Erdem, Chloë Grace Moretz appeared all smiles and particularly radiant. The young woman had all the more reason to rejoice that she also received an award, in honor of her contribution from an early age to the film industry.
What make him forget his break with the 17-year-old apprentice photographer , who would have found it a little too “ glue pot” , if we are to believe the information from the tabloid The Sun. “ Brooklyn is very young and he has his whole life ahead of him. He doesn’t really want to worry too much. He was crazy about her at first, but the more time passed, the more Chloë wanted things get serious with each other but since they each live on different sides of the Atlantic, it was too much for him. As with many other young relationships like theirs, it wouldn’t be surprising if they ended up getting back together especially since they evolve within the same circle of friends “,

It would not be the first time that Chloë and Brooklyn would put the cover back. The two young people having flirted together two years ago before formalizing things, after the young man separated from the young model and apprentice actress , Sonia Ben Ammar.

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