Chloë Moretz dares transparency: The pretty Hit-Girl has changed a lot!

Chloë Moretz dares transparency: The pretty Hit-Girl has changed a lot!

Chloë Grace Moretz has never been a good girl. On screen, she broke her arms – alongside Nicolas Cage and Aaron Johnson inKick-Ass , in Hit-Girl -, bitten necks in vampire mode (the American remakeLet me in ) or play the rebellious teenagers at Burton (Dark Shadows ). On the red carpet, the pretty 15-year-old American has always sparkled with mischief and did not leave photographers indifferent. And when the young lady play the fatal seducers at the 6th Teens for Jeans party this January 8, West Hollywood only has eyes for her.
Slightly transparent top, leather pants, look of inveterate tease and radiant smile, Chloë Grace Moretz did not scare her eyes and forget her discretion on the red carpet. To believe that she already has all the paraphernalia of a woman. She is, however, in her mid-teens. The young actress, who will soon be found in the horror filmCarrie , as well asKick-Ass 2 , did not hesitate to multiply the autographs for this evening which aims to help the homeless, by receiving jeans. According to the association’s website, no less than 2.5 million jeans have been sold.

It is clear that behind the Hollywood starlet, the other guests are struggling to compete. The lovely Nikki Deloach (whom Disney had revealed in 1993-1995 alongside Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake ), 33, led the troops, not far from the star of the TV program Skake It Up , Bella Thorne (15) and that of Zeke and Luther , Ryan Newman (14). A beautiful galaxy of teenagers / young adults circulated on the red carpet, from Jillian Rose Reed (21 years old, seen in Weeds ) to the babyband IM5 (American equivalent of One Direction) passing by the second Dauphine Miss America 2007 Meagan Tandy or the Canadian Tinsel Korey ( Twilight). BooBoo Stewart (18 and a werewolf in Twilight ) and his sister Fivel were also there.

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