Chris Hemsworth has the ultimate core-strengthening, tablet-drilling routine

Chris Hemsworth has the ultimate core-strengthening, tablet-drilling routine

The actor shows in his networks four simple but very effective exercisesChris Hemsworth’s workout for those who complain they don’t have time
The core is much more than the abdomen. This English term is translated into Spanish as core or center, and in fitness matters it refers to the abdominal muscles , but also to the lumbar muscles, the buttocks, the deep muscles of the spine… Strengthening the core is essential not only to mark the tablet , also to prevent muscle pain and injuries, and achieve greater balance and stability. Chris Hemsworth knows how important it is to work this area and has shared a simple but effective routine that you can copy.

The actor, who plays Thor, sports one of the most statuesque bodies in Hollywood . Famous are his pectorals and, of course, his tablet, the result of his daily work in the gym. Elsa Pataky’s husband loves to play sports , from surfing to mountain biking, nothing resists him. In addition, the actor trains daily both with the help of machines and weights, and with his own body. In this case he has shown a quick but very effective core strengthening routine that you can easily copy.
Chris Hemsworth proposes four exercises to strengthen the core that you must perform for 20 seconds, with a 20-second rest. He advises to repeat them 4 times.

– Mountain Climbers or climbers : in isometric iron you must raise the knees towards the opposite elbow, alternately. It is a very common exercise in crossfit that, in addition to strengthening the core, helps to work other muscles such as biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, quadriceps… In addition, it requires cardiovascular work.
-Kick sits : it is an exercise that requires a good physical condition and coordination. In the crawling position you must slide the right leg under the whole body and then the left. It is perhaps one of the most complicated.

– Bicycle abdominals : this is one of the classics to strengthen the abdomen. Lying on your back, raising your head and shoulders, with your elbows bent, take your legs off and flex while turning and bringing your torso closer to the opposite side.
– Flutter kicks or leg flapping : it is another very common exercise in crossfit that strengthens the core muscles of the body. In addition to the abdomen, you work the gluteus, quadriceps and hip flexors.

Logically, to show off Chris Hemsworth’s ‘six pack’ , it is not only necessary to perform this routine 4-5 times a week, you must also practice several sessions of aerobic exercise, train other muscle groups, such as legs, arms, shoulders… and follow a healthy and balanced diet reducing the intake of fats, sugars and alcohol.

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