“They are wacky, they are not funny”: Joe Rogan Calls Angelina Jolie and Her Co-Star Wacky For Their Bizarre Phone Call

“They are wacky, they are not funny”: Joe Rogan Calls Angelina Jolie and Her Co-Star Wacky For Their Bizarre Phone Call

The practice of Method acting has been pretty divisive among actors in the industry, with many using it to elevate their performances and some hating it for the inconveniences it brings to the whole film crew. Angelina Jolie, who is generally regarded as one of the finest actresses of this generation, hasn’t backed away from using this practice and extreme measures to attain perfection in her roles.
However, Joe Rogan wasn’t impressed by one of her acting exercises with her father Jon Voight, and recently called them out during one of his podcasts with Jim Breuer.

Joe Rogan wasn’t initially impressed by Angelina Jolie’s acting exercise with Jon VoightJoe Rogan doesn’t share a great history when it comes to reflecting on topics relating to Angelina Jolie and has previously found himself in hot water for it. But recently, during his podcast with Jim Breuer, Joe Rogan brought up the story about the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider stars remaining characters even during their phone calls. While reflecting on Jolie allegedly being in character even during a Phone call with her father, Rogan expressed his distaste with the matter by stating,
“I read a story once where John Voight and Angelina Jolie were having a phone call. And in this story, they were saying that they were talking in character the entire time. Like they had a conversation in character… Well these two, they are wacky, they are not funny like neither one of them is funny… I think they were doing some acting exercise on the phone with each other”

However, the UFC podcaster soon reverted from his statement, as Rogan went on to hilariously question himself for being mad at their acting practice and stated, “I’m mad at myself for being upset at that”. But this isn’t the only time when the Maleficent star decided to dissolve fully into the character for her project and once took extreme measures to earn her second Golden Globe.
Angelina Jolie went to extreme lengths for her breakthrough roleFollowing Angelina Jolie’s role in 1998’s Gia, a movie which followed the troublesome life of Gia, who eventually dies due to complications from AIDs, Jolie completely dissolved into the role. According to reports, the actress allegedly isolated herself from the outside world and stayed in character for months to attain complete perfection. Jolie later reflected on the movie which earned the actress her second Golden Globe and expressed how she resonated with the character. She said,

“Playing a real person you identify with and can feel makes you feel a responsibility. Then you live inside her world for a bit and you just feel so deeply sad that she never really knew love and felt she was of value other than a thing or a face. And at that time, with AIDS, I can’t even imagine how she must have felt about how she was treated.”
Despite going through some intense situations during her roles, method acting has worked out great in Jolie’s case, as the 1998’s Gia fast-tracked Jolie’s rise to the top of the Industry in the following years.

Gia is available to stream on Apple TV.

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