“Arnold’s Structure Was Unreal”: Bodybuilding Beast Nearing 50 Debates Whether Arnold Schwarzenegger Could’ve Dominated Present-Day Classic Physique

“Arnold’s Structure Was Unreal”: Bodybuilding Beast Nearing 50 Debates Whether Arnold Schwarzenegger Could’ve Dominated Present-Day Classic Physique

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dominance during the golden era of the bodybuilding world was unparalleled. Schwarzenegger has claimed the trophy of the biggest bodybuilding competition seven times throughout his career. Even when he returned to the stage after a few years of gap in 1980, he remained unbeatable. Now, veterans of the field are wondering, had Schwarzenegger been a bodybuilder of recent times, would he still be dominating the stage like before? Bodybuilding beasts Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev have contrasting opinions on the matter.
Recently, Milos Sarcev joined Jay Cutler and his manager Matt on his podcast, Cutler Cast. The trio discussed the different upcoming contests and Sarcev’s recent whereabouts. In one of the segments of the video, the 49-year-old asked Sarcev’s opinion on which former Mr. Olympian can claim the spot in the current classic physique division.

Which former Mr. Olympia can dominate the classic physique division?
On 23rd April 2023, Jay Cutler’s team released the 73rd episode of the Cutler Cast. Former pro-bodybuilder Milos Sarcev was the guest star of this episode. Cutler asked Sarcev if Schwarzenegger would crush in the Classic Physique Division. A doubtful Sarcev replied, “He has a wide waist, so I don’t think he’s gonna…do very good.” Sarcev added that he believes the classic division is suitable for bodybuilders with a structure like that of Chris Bumstead.

However, 4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler couldn’t agree with Sarcev. Cutler questioned, “Don’t you think Arnold’s structure was unreal though?” While Sarcev admitted that Schwarzenegger was “dominant back in the day,” he stood his ground. Instead of Schwarzenegger, Sarcev thinks Sergio Oliva would have a better chance at winning the contests now.
However, whenever it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler has always believed his presence is unmatched.

Jay Cutler on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his dominance
Jay Cutler believes when Arnold Schwarzenegger competed, no bodybuilder had the potential to win against him. In an interview with Generation Iron in 2022, Cutler claimed the Austrian Oak won without a competitor against him. Recalling the things he has heard about the golden era of bodybuilding, Cutler stated Schwarzenegger never had to defend his title.

Instead of undermining the ability of other bodybuilders, through his statement, Cutler just meant Arnie was simply better than the rest. To quote Mr. Fourth Quarter, “…he was pretty damn good.” Open to getting his facts straight, Cutler stated he would like historians to present a name that could’ve given tough competition to the Austrian Oak.
Whether it is about competing in the 70s or in the Classic Physique division today, Jay Cutler has no doubts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ability to dominate the stage.

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