“Shot to My Ego”: Sharing a Birthday With John Cena, This WWE Star Buries Himself to Wish the 16X World Champion

“Shot to My Ego”: Sharing a Birthday With John Cena, This WWE Star Buries Himself to Wish the 16X World Champion

John Cena recently celebrated his 47th birthday amidst much fanfare. His fans conveyed their heartfelt wishes through any means possible. However, there was one person who wished him with sincerity and aplomb. That person has worked with him as well in the past. We don’t often get to see such displays of affection in WWE among the wrestlers. Former ROH wrestler Dijak recently wished Cena on his birthday. But that’s only half of the story.
The wrestler tweeted a birthday wish for Cena, but the catch is that both of them are birthday twins. Despite it being his own special day, Dijak selflessly dedicated a post on his feed to The Prototype.

WWE wrestler’s selfless wish for John Cena
Dijak joined WWE in 2017 under the NXT brand after performing in several promotions, starting with his career in 2013. The wrestler has also been a ROH champion. However, it wasn’t until WWE that he finally found a legendary birthday twin. Dijak posted a video of Cena and him wrestling in a ring match on Monday Night Raw. The wrestler went on to write a wholesome caption.

“Sharing a birthday with John Cena is such a continual shot to my ego, like I’m not even the most popular WWE wrestler from Massachusetts born today wtf. Anyway, here’s a clip of him kicking my ass, HBD [John Cena],” tweeted Dijak. He didn’t make his special day all about himself but rather saw it fit to wish Cena too. The younger WWE star turned 37 this year, making him exactly 10 years younger than Cena.
Dijak wasn’t the only celebrity who wished Cena in a wholesome way. Hollywood filmmaker James Gunn also tweeted for Cena’s special day. Cena did not stay quiet on his occasion and expressed his gratitude for the endearing wishes.

John Cena’s heartwarming birthday responseJohn Cena appears to be humbled by all the incoming prayers and wishes. The Prototype soon took to Twitter in order to thank everybody in his knowledge. “I am lucky for the few brief moments of my existence that have had an effect on others. I am humbled and grateful for the infinite moments that others, the world, and those I love have had and continue to have an effect on me,” wrote the WWE legend.
Although his replies can’t be seen on every single post currently, The Prototype took some time to practice gratefulness for everything in his life. How many of Cena’s wishes did you come across today? Did you like Dijak’s tweet on his special day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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