Twilight Reboot Announcement Sparks Excitement and Controversy Among Fans

Twilight Reboot Announcement Sparks Excitement and Controversy Among Fans

Lionsgate Television announced on April 19 that they are developing a television series reboot of the beloved Twilight film franchise. So many fans love films filled with sparkly vampires with superhuman strength— and the young adult love story between Bella Swan and her century-old vamp boyfriend, Edward Cullen, as portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the film series.
While it is unclear precisely what Lionsgate’s plans are regarding the story, focus of this reboot, and release date, writer Sinead Daly of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and Tell Me Lies has reportedly been hired for script writing duties. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the book series, will be involved in developing the new series.

Naturally, the reactions on Twitter were immediate and largely not positive.
Calling in The Federal GovernmentTwitter poster Em 6/4 wanted to know what the plan was from the Biden White House to deal with this threat to the original Twilight films. President Biden should get on this issue, stat?

Not Again!User CEO of Monica reminded everyone that there are already reboots of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games on the way and stated, “We’re really in this era” of everything being rebooted. This was how most fans reacted. They expressed disappointment that their favorite series are being rebooted when they already liked the ones they grew up with.
Ignore It, and It Will Go AwayA Kristen Stewart fan account, prettymagicx, said that all Twilight fans have to do is ignore the remake idea, and it won’t come to pass. It’s either that or maybe you won’t see it because your eyes are closed.

Vampire BaseballWandavision fan account Wanda As Lizzie brought up the infamous vampire baseball scene as proof that no reboot could ever equal that “cinematic masterpiece,” no matter how hard they try. It certainly is quite a scene in the film. They might be right that most films could not reach this level of zany while being played entirely straight.
We Have IdeasThe fans have even started coming up with alternate ideas for a vampire series, such as two vampires in a “situationship” or an undefined romantic or physical relationship who keep “bumping” into each other in different eras of time. Many fans had suggestions for different series that could be adapted with a fresh perspective on the vampire myth.

It’s not a bad idea, and the user galactic idiots elaborate and say, “They say they’re incompatible, but the truth is that they’re immortal because you stop aging once you meet your true soulmate. Tags: the denial is mutual because they’re idiots (in love).”
Okay, Okay, They’ll Watch ItHowever, the reboot does have some fans who grudgingly admit that they will probably watch it anyway, like better call marz.
New Ideas Going To WasteUser childish gamzeno made a good point when they said, “Some young writer out there has a brilliant manuscript for a great new IP, and it’s not being read so Hollywood can reboot Twilight.”
Rerelease The OriginalsAnother idea came from Spider Monkey, who thought that if Lionsgate released all Twilight movies globally, they could rake in cash. The user believed a rerelease would likely make more money from the fanbase than a remake.
A Master Plan?This Twitter user, stone bot love, thinks Robert Pattinson has a master plan to defuse the appeal of a Twilight reboot since it has been reported that he is in talks to star in Chloe Zhao’s remake of Dracula. As they said, “He’s cooking.” This has not been confirmed, but I guess it’s an idea!
Don’t Judge Me!Finally, one Twilight fan, Dr. Eva Burke, said she would be glued to that reboot when it was released. She added that people should judge away because she does not care.

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