Dakota Johnson: What surprising styling she relies on for the crop top as a basic in summer 2023

Dakota Johnson: What surprising styling she relies on for the crop top as a basic in summer 2023

Dakota Johnson styles her crop top as a basic in summer 2023 with pleated trousers and loafers.
Opposites attract. A phrase that is usually used when people with opposite characteristics find themselves particularly attractive or just likeable.

But when it comes to fashion, opposites attract. Bright colors that don’t actually go together are combined with each other in color blocking. Patterns that don’t seem to harmonize are styled into an outfit in the pattern mix. Or wide cuts are worn with tight fits to create exciting silhouettes. There are numerous so-called breaks in style. What they all have in common is that the outfits only become really interesting and stylish through the contrasts.
Dakota Johnson wears crop top with pleated pants and loafersDakota Johnson is proof of this with her latest outfit. The actress opted for an absolute summer basic, a simple white crop top with a subtle print. Such crop tops are not generally considered to be particularly elegant or chic pieces. Rather, they look cool and casual – especially in the Y2K look – and are usually combined with jeans .

However, Dakota Johnson chooses a different styling and skillfully attracts opposites. With her white crop top with a round neckline and short sleeves, she wears high-waisted pleated trousers, as we know them from classic business fashion and which look very elegant and classy. The high waist of the pants complements the short cut of the top and the logo pattern of the dark pants, which comes from Gucci, comes into its own in combination with the shirt.
And when it comes to choosing her shoes, Dakota Johnson relies on an ingenious break in style with the casual crop top. She doesn’t wear sneakers , which are also casual , but instead grabs elegant loafers (also from Gucci), which look particularly chic thanks to the small block heel and buckle details. Black sunglasses, a black handbag and subtle jewelry round off the styling.

She skilfully attracts opposites: Dakota Johnson with a crop top and elegant trousers with pleats and loafers

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