Despite Boasting $400,000,000 Fortune, Jackie Chan Showcased a Common Man’s Habit at an Event Once: “Ironic Coming From Me”

Despite Boasting $400,000,000 Fortune, Jackie Chan Showcased a Common Man’s Habit at an Event Once: “Ironic Coming From Me”

Starting as a stuntman in the Hong Kong film industry, Jackie Chan eventually made a huge name for himself as an actor. Initially, when Little Jack rose to fame, he attracted great wealth. Chan would splurge his money incessantly until he realized how blessed he was to be affluent. So, the actor began practicing gratitude by leading a normal lifestyle. He also became so simple with his public appearance that he once shocked people at a concert.
In Jackie Chan’s biography, Never Grow Up, the 69-year-old shared about the time when he changed his lifestyle from a spoilt actor to a common man. Apart from surprising his acquaintances, Chan startled himself too.

Jackie Chan’s simple change to avoid wastefulness
When Chan adapted to a less high-maintenance lifestyle, he regularly began working for charities. He would donate his gifts from fans to orphanages and old age homes. Moreover, he even opened a few schools by inviting his fans to donate their bit. Soon Chan realized how wasteful it was to wear different clothes to different events.

Chan told in his biography that he repeated his outfits to several events without any embarrassment. It was a common man habit that he resorted to without thinking much. Once when he attended a Wang Leehom concert, people pointed out that he wore the same outfit as last year. However, this did not make him awkward at all. Instead, he told them, “There’s no point in chasing after material possessions.” Saying this, Chan shocked himself too, “ironic coming from me, considering my history.” The martial artist continued to realize the disparity that lay in the world between the rich and poor. He shared in the biography how he was touched to see the struggles of people in the drought-plagued Yunnan.
However, he was equally annoyed while having dinner with his friends who would complain about not having more luxurious cars. Chan understood that people are never satisfied even when they have everything. Chan’s resolve to work for charitable causes was triggered by such an episode.

An incident that changed Jackie Chan’s perspectiveWhen Chan decided to contribute some part of his earning to charity after rising to fame. However, during those days he heavily indulged in alcohol. Once when he was invited to meet children in a hospital at Sandy Bay, Chan turned down the proposal because he kept drinking all night. However, after immense requests, he turned up somehow. At first, he was scared to touch the medicine-smelling bodies of children. However, he developed empathy for them eventually.
Later on, the hospital attendant announced that Chan had bought gifts for the kids. Drunk Chan had no idea that his team brought gifts on his behalf. He felt guilt while giving it to the children as he did not know what was inside them. This made him feel extremely guilty for making the wrong use of his privilege. Episodes like these brought a major change in Chan’s perspective toward the world. He become highly considerate towards simple things that brought happiness.

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