Tom Cruise Might Bring Back Marvel Star Despite X-Men Star’s Refusal to Avoid Scarlett Johansson Controversy in Mission Impossible Franchise

Tom Cruise Might Bring Back Marvel Star Despite X-Men Star’s Refusal to Avoid Scarlett Johansson Controversy in Mission Impossible Franchise

The Mission Impossible franchise is one of the biggest money-makers in Hollywood. Its fast-paced action, coupled with mind-blowing plotlines and amazing performances make it super mesmeric to watch. Led by Tom Cruise, these films sit at the top of the food chain; when it comes to action-thriller films in Hollywood.
The beloved franchise is gearing up for the next installment. And there are unconfirmed rumors that Tom Cruise wants to bring Nicholas Hoult to the project. Hoult is a phenomenal actor with fantastic abilities. His addiction to the project would be a huge boost to its prospects.

Tom Cruise Offered Nicholas Hoult A Role in Mission: Impossible 7
Tom Cruise is one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. The actor has achieved enormous success in his decades-long career. Cruise has won millions of fans because of his dedication to his roles and films. The actor is so passionate about his acting career he even performed most of his deadly stunts in his movies himself. He has established himself as one of the leading heroes in the film industry.

Tom Cruise has worked with big banner houses and appeared in several blockbuster films like War of the Worlds, Mission: Impossible, The Color Of Money, The Mummy, The Last Samurai, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The action Supernova Cruise is one of the highest-grossing box-office stars of all time in Hollywood. His zeal and dedication to the movie projects have made him a superstar today.
Many might not know that Tom Cruise offered a role to actor Nicholas Hoult in his mega-franchise. The X-Men: First Class actor reportedly; rejected the offer due to other work commitments. However, this was a momentous refusal from Hoult, given the success and heft the franchise carries. Nicholas Hoult is doing well in his acting career, and while Tom Cruise’s offer was quite big, Hoult refused to accept the role because he was shooting his other project.

In an interview, the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie star revealed that the Mission: Impossible star called him to offer a role in Mission: Impossible 7. Nicholas Hoult said,
“I screen-tested for Batman and didn’t get it. Screen-tested for Top Gun but didn’t get it. Then I got the call from Tom Cruise, ‘Hey, how about Mission Impossible?’ OK. Got it. Then I had to drop out because I was already attached to doing some more of The Great.”

Nicholas Hoult is undoubtedly one of the best star performers in Hollywood. According to recent rumors, Cruise wants to cast Hoult in Mission: Impossible 8. The Renfield actor earlier dropped the offer to appear in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. If the rumors are true, the actor will be a great addition to the Tom Cruise franchise.
Tom Cruise Revealed He Wanted To Work With Scarlett Johansson
Tom Cruise is a charming actor who has done everything in his acting career. From appearing in rom-com movies to becoming one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood, Cruise has built his reputation in the industry with his hard-earned work. In a previous interview, the actor revealed he wants to work with actress Scarlett Johansson. The Mission: Impossible star said,
“I want to work with Carrie and Scarlett, and Kenneth is someone I’ve been wanting to work with for years, but you have to start with the director and see where he’s going to take us.”
Scarlett Johansson was even offered a role next to Tom Cruise in the titular franchise, but because; of work conflicts and script changes, the actress dropped out of Mission: Impossible 3.

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