“Torturing Margot was my favorite day”: James Gunn Made Margot Robbie Do A Dangerous Stunt in DC Flop That Could’ve Injured Her

“Torturing Margot was my favorite day”: James Gunn Made Margot Robbie Do A Dangerous Stunt in DC Flop That Could’ve Injured Her

Before getting the keys to the DC universe, James Gunn initially settled with the job of reviving the Suicide Squad IP on the big screen after the disastrous 2016’s version. Although the movie wasn’t a big hit, which was mostly the result of the pandemic and HBO’s policy of releasing the film on streaming and theatres the same day, it did become one of the most critically acclaimed DC movies.
Unlike its predecessor, Gunn understood the main appeal of the bizarre team (Task Force X) and sprinkled his magic, making one of the funniest and even more heartfelt movies of the DCEU. However, according to Gunn one of his favorite parts of filming involved Margot Robbie, where she was tasked to pull off a dangerous stunt by herself.

James Gunn was left in awe after witnessing Margot Robbie pulling off a difficult stuntThe Suicide Squad involves a plethora of ingredients that make it one of the best DC entries in recent years and one of them is the fan-favorite Harley Quinn. Being an avid fan of Margot Robbie‘s work, James Gunn assured that among all the abundant characters, she gets her moment to shine and that moment arrived during her escape sequence. After being hung up by handcuffs over her head, the actress pulls off an incredible stunt, all by herself, to unlock the locks, which is then followed by a brilliant action sequence. Gunn explained his admiration for the actress by stating,
“There’s a scene in which Margot is being hung up by handcuffs over her head, and she has to get her toes along a dead body and pick a key off of the dead body, flip her toes backwards to put the key into the lock over her head, unlock it and then come down straight. I’m watching this–it was honestly my favorite day, torturing Margot was my favorite day on set,”

But this sequence alone wasn’t the reason behind Gunn’s admiration for the actress and now him being the head of the DCU, Gunn assured that he will be working with Robbie in the future.
James Gunn assured fans about working with Margot Robbie again in the futureWith James Gunn at the helm of DC Universe, the director has the huge task of rebuilding the DCU from scratch while bringing back the franchise to its glory. But with fans speculating about who will be the returning actors from the previous universe to the new one, Gunn assured that Robbie’s place is safe in the new DC universe. While clarifying fans’ concerns if he will work with the Babylon star again, the director stated, “For Sure”, to showcase his desire to work with the actress again in the future.

Although Margot Robbie has previously expressed her desire to give the character of Harley Quinn some rest, she did commend James Gunn for his style and called him, a “visionary director”. With Gunn being busy following his upcoming DCU projects, fans will have to wait before witnessing the two reunite again for Robbie’s further DC appearances.
The Suicide Squad is available to stream on HBO Max.

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