“We Both Are Good Looking Too”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Draws Countless Similarities As He Reunites with His 22 Years Younger “Twin”

“We Both Are Good Looking Too”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Draws Countless Similarities As He Reunites with His 22 Years Younger “Twin”

Spending several decades in the industry, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made friends with people from different walks of life. Some even became more than friends, they became family. Recently, the Austrian Oak reunited with one such not-blood-related family member. Adoring his friend, Arnie went as far as claiming that the two of them are “twins” even though they have a 22-year age gap. The twin in question is none other than the Michelin Star Spanish Chef, José Andrés.
Recently, the duo virtually reunited to shoot a joint episode of their respective podcasts. Herein, while sharing anecdotes from their past and present, Schwarzenegger counted the number of similarities they have. Based on that, Arnie concluded that the two of them are basically twins.

Similarities between Arnold Schwarzenegger and José Andrés
Last night, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a clip from the episode of Arnold’s Stammtisch and José’s Longer Table, which he shot with Andrés a few days back. In the clip 75-year-old Schwarzenegger questioned the 53-year-old chef if he knows how much they have in common. He asked if Andrés knew “That we both are immigrants. That we both moved to America with the age of 21. That we both became successful here in America. We both already have been successful before we got here.”

Referring to their works, he continued, “And we’re passionate. We’re both into giving back. We both are the chairs of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. We both are into the environment.” Arnie exclaimed that he could go on and on about it for hours. “And we both are good-looking dudes, let’s be honest here,” he added at the end of the clip.
Another thing that the duo have in common is sending gifts to each other. In another segment of the joint broadcast, Schwarzenegger and Andrés revealed the gifts they both received from each other, recently.

Sending gifts for the overseas twinIn the full episode uploaded on YouTube, before the two friends got into the main agenda of their meeting, Andrés thanked Schwarzenegger for sending him goodies from abroad. He displayed the chocolates Arnie had sent from Vienna and the wafers from Austria. When Andrés faced difficulty in pronouncing the name of the product, the former athlete politely helped him out. Moreover, he had even sent the staple Austrian beer all the way to Spain for his twin.
As Andrés was done with his vote of thanks, Schwarzenegger too thanked him for a gift in return. The Austrian Oak revealed the chef had sent him wine from Spain. Soon after, the duo raised a toast while drinking beverages from the other’s homeland. Schwarzenegger even revealed that the Spanish wine has made him break his morning routine.

Looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger and José Andrés’ friendship despite their age gap, one can say, age is just a number. Friends can be found in all age groups.

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