Jennifer Lawrence talks about the new “inappropriate” comedy film No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence talks about the new “inappropriate” comedy film No Hard Feelings

The official trailer of the R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings , starring Jennifer Lawrence , was recently released . It is a comedy from Sony Pictures , which is considered for “adults” and is expected to play in cinemas in June.
Now, the famous actress has spoken about the film and said that she has always wanted to do a comedy and although she has read several scripts from time to time, she has never been able to come up with anything very funny. It seems that the funny comedy he was looking for for so long, he found it in No Hard Feelings. Her statements were published in the Chicago Suntimes .

She went on to say that they had a great time on set and laughed the whole time with her co-stars.
We laughed the whole time. Sometimes I would fall on my bed after shooting and think about the next day when I would go again. I was also sad because I was like, “God, I’m never going to have this good again. I had a great time.”

No Hard Feelings Synopsis: On the verge of losing her parents’ home, Maddie discovers an interesting ad: wealthy parents are looking for a woman to date their introverted 19-year-old son. To her dismay, Maddie soon learns that the awkward Percy is not…confident.
In case you don’t know, No Hard Feelings is inspired by a real Craiglist ad where parents were looking for a woman for their son. Of course, many believed at the time that this ad was fake.

Below you will also find the new poster of the film published by Sony Pictures:
Directed by Gene Stupnitsky (Good Boys), the script was written by John Phillips . Stupnitsky knows comedy, having worked on one of TV’s most popular sitcoms, The Office, writing a few episodes. Phillips on the other hand has written Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro.

The cast of the film is completed by Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy, Matthew Broderick as his father, Laura Benanti as her mother, Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Scott MacArthur and others. Lawrence, Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero, Justine Ciarrocchi, John Phillips and Kerry Orent are producing.
No Hard Feelings hits theaters June 23. Get a taste of the film through the following trailer, which also has Greek subtitles.

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