Chris Evans Already Has a New Successor For Scarlett Johansson in Mind: “She was doing things that were on Black Widow level”

Chris Evans Already Has a New Successor For Scarlett Johansson in Mind: “She was doing things that were on Black Widow level”

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are a fan-favorite pair. The two have starred together in three films in a very short span of time. Their three collaborations are Knives Out, The Gray Man, and Ghosted. Their latest film, Ghosted, is about Cole (Chris Evans) becoming smitten with Sadie (Ana de Armas) before realizing that she’s an undercover agent.
The two then go on a globe-trotting adventure that makes them work together to defeat the enemy. Since Evans has starred in the MCU, he is familiar with agents and spies. The most popular spy in the Marvel universe is definitely Black Widow, and Evans felt that Ana de Armas’ heroine was on the MCU superhero’s level.

Chris Evans Compares Ana de Armas To Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow
At the Chicago C2E2 convention, Chris Evans praised co-star Ana de Armas’ dedication to performing stunts. He said,

“Getting to work with Ana again… she’s fantastic. We’ve done a few things together now, and she’s great. She throws herself into everything completely. In the first action sequence we had, she was doing things that were on the Black Widow level. Truly unbelievable stunt work, where I was like, ‘Wow, you’ve been doing your stunt training.’”
While many have criticized the plot execution and character motivations of Ghosted, others have praised the action sequences. However, no criticism could prevent the film from becoming number 1 on AppleTV. As per SambaTV, the film got 328,500 viewers within the first two days of its release on the platform. reported that this number was higher than other AppleTV+ films.

As per the site,
“This surpasses records set by previous Apple TV+ movies, including Finch (Nov. 5, 2021 debut) at 228,500, Spirited (November 18, 2022) at 174,000 Tetris (March 31) at 88,000 and My Mind & Me (November 4, 2022) at 78,100.”

But how did Captain America himself feel about doing this movie that kind of subverts his public image of an action hero?
Why Did Chris Evans Star In Ghosted?
At the C2E2 convention, Chris Evans explained that he was attracted to the idea of Ghosted because it seemed like a 90s easy breezy movie that one can watch even with a hangover. As in, it doesn’t require much from its audience. He said:
“That type of movie’s very much up my alley, [Rhett] Reese and [Paul] Wernick, a couple of writers who did Deadpool, they’re fantastic. They pitched me the idea and I was like, ‘I love it.’ It felt like a 90s movie. It felt like something that is just fun. It’s very rewatchable, [a] good hangover mode, and I don’t know if I see those enough these days.”
The Defending Jacob star further explained that nowadays audience has high expectations from the content they consume. So something like Ghosted works as an antidote. He said,
“Audiences have seen a lot, you know what I mean? There are very high expectations, and sometimes movies like that are just great if they’re done well. I really liked it. And the role itself was really attractive because I got to be so incapable.”
The Avengers: Endgame star also loved the film for deconstructing his action star image and instead making him a proxy of the viewers. He said,
“It’s always fun playing the eyes of the audience. The more panicked I was, the more I go to pieces, not only the funnier it is but the more connectivity you have to the people watching.”
Fans are now eager to see what role Evans chooses next and if he goes back to Marvel.
Ghosted is streaming on AppleTV.

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