REPORT: Margot Robbie Will Continue to Play Harley Quinn in the DCU

REPORT: Margot Robbie Will Continue to Play Harley Quinn in the DCU

A new report suggests Margot Robbie, who is rumored to be in talks to play Sue Storm in the MCU’s Fantastic Four, will continue to play Harley Quinn.
In recent weeks, rumors have circulated suggesting actor Margot Robbie is in talks to play Sue Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four film. While these rumors have not been confirmed, it was recently reported that even if she does play the Invisible Woman, she will continue to play her iconic antihero in the DC Universe.

According to scooper Daniel Richtman, Robbie will continue to play Harley Quinn in the DC Universe, regardless of whether or not she plays Sue Storm in the MCU. The reporter stated as much in response to fan speculation concerning which actor might replace Robbie in the DC film franchise.
Who Is in the Fantastic Four?It was Richtman who previously reported that Robbie was in talks to play the Invisible Woman. This has not been officially confirmed. It was reported in January that the casting process had begun for Fantastic Four, but no news regarding potential actors has been released since then. It was later reported that Sue Storm was actually the character Marvel Studios wanted to focus on the most during this time.

But while nothing official has been announced, there has been a multitude of reports concerning some of the core roles. Beyond the latest report about Robbie, actors such as Dev Patel and, more recently, Adam Driver have been linked to the role of Mister Fantastic. In fact, Driver was reported to be in final discussions for the role. It’s worth noting that Driver’s name had been linked to the upcoming film since late 2022 before casting had begun.
How the Film Will Shape the MCUIt was also suggested that actor Mila Kunis was being eyed to play The Thing, though the actor herself denied these rumors. She stated outright, “I am not in Fantastic Four.” Though she added she knows who will be in the film. Wanting to avoid conflict with Disney and Marvel Studios, the actor refused to disclose which actors had been cast.

Details concerning the film are scarce. There are only unconfirmed reports from a number of scoopers regarding the film’s characters and plot, including reports that Fantastic Four will feature not just one, but multiple heralds of Galactus. These rumors also suggest that the most iconic of the heralds, the Silver Surfer, will not be one of them and will appear elsewhere in the MCU.
The MCU’s Fantastic Four movie is slated to arrive in cinemas on Feb. 14, 2025.

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