Billie Eilish may be dropping hints about her character in ‘Swarm’

Billie Eilish may be dropping hints about her character in ‘Swarm’

Keep your eyes peeled for Swarm, Amazon Prime Studios’ latest horror-thriller series, to drop within the next day. This hidden gem has flown under the radar for quite some time, gathering attention purely from word of mouth, but fans of pop idol Billie Eilish will have been waiting patiently for Swarm to drop for months. Created by The Lion King voice actor Donald Glover and Atlanta writer Janine Nabers, Swarm follows Dominique Fishback’s Dre, who’s obsessed with a pop star reminiscent of Beyoncé, with a fanbase known as The Swarm (parodying Beyoncé’s fanbase, the Bey Hive). The show explores the characteristics and consequences of “stan” culture through a deep dive into Dre’s life, her fandom, and how her obsession becomes uncontrollable.
Now, Billie Eilish isn’t an actress by any means, but she’s seemed to jump on the bandwagon of singer-songwriters dipping their toes into the acting pool. Look at Harry Styles, for example, who — since leaving One Direction — has made a career for himself as a solo artist and a performer, notably starring alongside Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling and even having a turn in a Marvel production as Starfox in Eternals. Eilish was cast in Swarm as “Eva” (according to IMDb), but not much is known about her character or their motivations.

Thankfully, we’ll never be left completely in the dark; Eilish is an avid Instagram user. Less than a day before Swarm premieres, Eilish posted multiple images of behind-the-scenes shenanigans on the set of Swarm, including a full-body shot of her in oversized dress pants and a shirt and tie for the Swarm red carpet premiere.
As if the emojis didn’t give it away, we can safely assume that the bee emoji translates to Swarm. If you scroll through the images, there are snapshots also of the Swarm premiere event, so all our suspicions are confirmed. The last time Eilish turned heads, she was singing the theme song for Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die, which proved to be his last outing as 007.

We’re expecting good things from Eilish in Swarm, so we’ll have to find out on March 17 whether or not her role lives up to the hype. Read WGTC’s review of Swarm here.

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