Dakota Johnson Refuses ‘To Be In The Same Room’ As Stepfather Antonio Banderas

Dakota Johnson Refuses ‘To Be In The Same Room’ As Stepfather Antonio Banderas

Dakota Johnson is angry at Antonio Banderas for one thing.
Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas, her former stepfather, have always gotten along well. In addition to being her first director for the film Crazy in Alabama, in which she co-starred with Melanie Griffith and her younger half-sister Stella Banderas, the Desperado actor reared her since she was just six years old.

Johnson has acknowledged that her Spanish stepfather has taught her a lot about acting, Spanish culture, and everyday life.
She is quite appreciative of this. Given that his marriage to Johnson’s mother lasted twenty years, Banderas also seemed to view Johnson as his own daughter.

Antonio Banderas left Dakota Johnson’s motherThat lovely union, however, supposedly fell apart quickly when Antonio Banderas ditched Melanie Griffith in 2015 for Nicole Kempel, his new, much younger lover.
Dakota Johnson allegedly refused to be in the same room as Banderas or his girlfriend because things got that ugly.

Melanie Griffith has remained Dakota Johnson’s rock despite many life changes. The Pacific Heights actor, though, has also had to contend with persistent mental health problems.
She claims that building a stable existence with Antonio Banderas for 20 years after they first met in 1995 shooting the movie Two Much and immediately getting married really assisted her in maintaining her sense of reality.

Especially considering that they are parenting three kids together. However, when Antonio Banderas also left Griffith for Nicole Kempel, his much younger girlfriend, in 2015, Griffith’s depression worsened.
It reportedly not only exacerbated her insecurities but also caused her to revert to her previous drug-abusing behaviours.
And Dakota Johnson, who was hard at work filming the sequel to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, appeared to have taken that poorly.
She apparently held Banderas accountable for her mother’s deteriorating health. According to a family-related insider at the time,
“Dakota cut him off after he walked out on her mom and, despite several attempts from Antonio to mend bridges since then, she’s still refused to be in the same room as him or his new girlfriend.”
They further added, “It’s very sad – he raised this girl and she thinks he’s the most disgusting inconsiderate pig ever, which is incredibly heartbreaking for him.”
They also acknowledged that Antonio Banderas was serious about building bridges with his family and that over time, it appears to have succeeded.

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