From Billie Eilish to Lil Nas X, here are the most iconic bathroom selfies taken during the Met Gala

From Billie Eilish to Lil Nas X, here are the most iconic bathroom selfies taken during the Met Gala

A strict Met Gala rule prohibits taking selfies or photos during the evening, so celebrities gather every year in the bathroom of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to make an indelible memory of the evening
The Met Gala is structured around a series of rules that cannot be broken, under penalty of exclusion the following year. One of these prohibits taking selfies or photos for the entire duration of the event , both on the red carpet and during the dinner that is organized afterwards. But having made the law, found the deception: no one has ever explicitly mentioned the bathroom of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as another area where this prohibition was in force and, in fact, in recent editions, it has turned into a free zone where celebrities gather in order to have a photographic memory of the evening. The last to honor what has now become a tradition was Billie Eilish who for herbathroom selfie has chosen the company of Elle Fanning, Maya Hawke and Halle Bailey .

Perhaps, the most iconic of the past Mets is the one that brings together, in a more unique than rare group photo, dozens of celebrities , such as Kendall Jenner and Asap Rocky (engaged at the time: it’s been a while!), Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Paris Jackson, Brie Larson, Sean Diddy Combs, Lily Aldridge and many more.
To compete with him there is also what was later renamed “the selfie of the models” because, in a photo, he sees the most famous models of 2016 . Of course, if it were to be taken now, there would have to be a few more additions, but it is a photo that stands up very well to the passage of time thanks to the presence of Hailey Bieber, Stella Maxwell, Lily-Rose Depp, Lily Aldridge (her again!) and Doutzen Kroes.

Despite being an (almost) permanent presence at the Met, Rihanna is always missing in these shots , but we know it, the singer always finds her own personal way to be remembered. In 2021, she turned art director and asked Tom Daley to immortalize Troye Sivan as she, in heels and a tight dress, used a urinal .
However, the scepter of the bathroom selfies (but also of the photos stolen during the evening) belongs to Lil Nas X. Last year, he took home two selfies: the first in the company of Billie Eilish and the second together with Erykah Badu , Jack Harlow, Lil Wayne and Pete Davidson.

Ok, the American celebrities, but we Italians too have honored this tradition to the fullest this year with a highly respected Italian delegation made up of Matteo Berrettini, Alessandro Borghi and Francesco Carrozzini .
It goes without saying that, at least for us, they are the winners of this selfie battle!

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