“I was bleeding from every orifice”: Jackie Chan Required Brain Surgery After Terrifying Accident Almost Killed Him

“I was bleeding from every orifice”: Jackie Chan Required Brain Surgery After Terrifying Accident Almost Killed Him

Jackie Chan has won over audiences all around the world and is known as a skilled martial artist. His knowledge of different martial arts and his ability to represent them with comedic elements is also one of the things that have contributed to his fame and success in the film industry. While all that looks great on-screen, it takes a lot of hard work to bring out the final outcome for the audience. And sometimes, it also leads the stars of the films to suffer severe injuries.
Chan, who is known for doing his own stunts and action sequences, has also been through multiple such incidents during his acting career. In his book Never Grow Up, The Karate Kid star recalled a horrific incident that left him terrified.

Jackie Chan Recalled The Horrific Incident in His BookJackie Chan has suffered multiple injuries throughout his acting career. However, one of the incidents that he suffered while filming the 1986 film Armor of God left him fearing for his life. According to Chan, the incident caused blood to ooze from every orifice of his body and resulted in a hollow area on his forehead.
The Police Story actor explained that he needed to jump off a tree branch in the scene. However, he was not satisfied with his first two takes for the scene and insisted on doing a third take. During the third take, the tree brand snapped, causing him to fall and hit his head on a rock that was under the tree.

Jackie Chan explained that as soon as he hit his head, blood started spurting from his “nose and ears and mouth.” He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. The Ride On actor shared that on his way to the hospital, his “ear was still bleeding” and “blood poured out of [his] nostrils.”
He mentioned that he was scared once he started feeling gurgling in his throat. The actor shared that he was sacred as these things happen to people “when they’re about to die.” His condition was so severe that doctors called for urgent surgery after examining him in the hospital.

Jackie Chan Went Through a Brain SurgeryJackie Chan shared in his book that on his way to the hospital, “[he] was bleeding from every orifice” and that he was scared for his life at the time. Upon reaching the hospital, doctors called in for urgent brain surgery after examining his condition.
The surgery was helpful, and he was able to return to the shoot within a week. The crew was also surprised to see him recover so fast. However, the Rush Hour actor also shared that he still feels the pain of that incident. But it was not the only time he did not stop after suffering a critical injury.

While filming an action sequence for his 1995 film Rumble in the Bronx, Chan broke one of his ankles. Instead of taking some time off to get it healed, he customized a cast that looked like a shoe, so he could continue filming.

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