Years After Mother’s Demise, Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Her Special Secret With 300k+ Member Family

Years After Mother’s Demise, Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Her Special Secret With 300k+ Member Family

IFBB icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger hails from a humble Austrian background of a war-stricken family. Even though his father was the police chief, they hardly had any money. However, the good memories lie within his mother’s mouth-watery recipes. Therefore, responding to a fan’s query on Twitter, the former athlete revealed one of his favorites from the menu.
His mother, Aurelia passed away 25 years ago, yet, the food she made for him, still remains unmatched. Moreover, to iterate his love for his mother’s dish, Schwarzenegger even shared the golden recipe with his massive 300k subscriber base by means of his newsletter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spills his mother’s secret recipe
As per the source, a fan asked the 75-year-old legend about his favorite food his mother “ever fixed” him. Thus, in reply to that he revealed that it was Kaiserschmarm, which is an Austrian dessert. It is basically a sweet fluffy pancake prepared with raisins soaked in rum and served in bite-sized pieces.

Of course, it had to be a desert, and Schwarzenegger shall cherish it his whole life. However, food tastes best when shared. Since a plate of Kaiserschmarm wouldn’t be enough for his massive fanbase, he shared the complete recipe with them, in his mother’s memory.
“Kaiserschmarrn! I actually shared her recipe with my newsletter to share it with the world!” he wrote in his post. Similarly, the Austrian Oak once faced struggles keeping up with his protein intake, because his family couldn’t afford it. Eventually, he and his mother found a solution that emerged to be a signature of his.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mother were the best teamThe star athlete embarked on his bodybuilding journey in Austria itself. However, maintaining his physique was expensive for his family, especially in terms of protein consumption. They could afford meat only once a week. Hence, he and Aurelia found a solution. Their relatives living in the U.S. sent them cans of skim milk powder often.Therefore, after the Second World War, his mother put in extra work to store all the cans. He said, “and so I used those cans at like 40% protein mixed with milk and raw eggs and all those things.” This recipe, came to be known as the ‘Schwarzenegger style’ and was also featured in one of his movies as well. The protein shake also contained liver pills, Pepto-Bismol, and a tinge of ‘liquidized pizza’, per sources.

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