“Rather than just imitating someone else”: Henry Cavill Vowed To Be Original, Never Copy Previous Actors as $14.8B Cult-Classic Franchise Allegedly Ropes Him in as Lead

“Rather than just imitating someone else”: Henry Cavill Vowed To Be Original, Never Copy Previous Actors as $14.8B Cult-Classic Franchise Allegedly Ropes Him in as Lead

Taking on an iconic superhero like Superman is no small task but Henry Cavill embraced it with aplomb and made it his own amid a host of other actors who played the part including the original great, Christopher Reeve. While Cavill’s Superman journey has come to an end following James Gunn’s overhaul of the franchise, his edgier and more grim version of the superhero is one that will be remembered.
Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz a few months ago, Henry Cavill got candid about his career, his choice of roles, his approach to acting, and his stint as Superman. The star also spoke about many aspects of his personal life and the events that led him to become a Hollywood star.

Henry Cavill Believes In OriginalityThe pressure of bringing Superman to life is a daunting task. The challenge of making the character different from earlier interpretations while still staying true to his legacy in the comic books is even harder. But Henry Cavill managed to balance these aspects perfectly with his unique take on Superman. The actor spoke to Josh Horowitz in the Happy Sad Confused podcast to elaborate on how he approached Superman or other characters who have a history and a legacy to live up to.
“To approach it honestly and have faith in yourself that’s the key. It’s your work and if you approach it from a place of self confidence then that’s the best way of doing it rather than just trying to be different or worse, imitating someone else.”

Cavill went on to add that this method allowed him to embrace the best parts of Superman as embodied by other actors including the pioneer Christopher Reeve while also giving him space to explore areas of the superhero that were dormant until then.
Could Henry Cavill Be The New James Bond?With Daniel Craig officially ending his association with James Bond after No Time To Die, the search is now on for the next actor to play the celebrated British spy. Among many prominent faces being considered for the role including Idris Elba, Henry Cavill’s name too featured in the mix. The Man of Steel actor had also publicly expressed interest to play the role despite his busy schedule. He further added that even if he is not considered for the part, he would still look forward to what Barbara Broccoli and Mike G. Wilson have in store for the beloved British spy.

But recent reports from the James Bond camp indicate that Henry Cavill may not land the coveted role after all. If rumors are to be believed, the franchise is now looking to create a younger James Bond for the future films. With Henry Cavill having already crossed 40, his age might just be a barrier to him bagging the part. The makers are now allegedly considering younger actors like Regé-Jean Page and James Norton who will fit into the desired age bracket.

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