I Am Obsessed With Fast X’s Marketing & Vin Diesel’s Increasingly Bizarre Claims

I Am Obsessed With Fast X’s Marketing & Vin Diesel’s Increasingly Bizarre Claims

Cinema’s “longest love story” is just one of many bold claims made by Dominic Toretto actor Vin Diesel about Fast X, the upcoming Fast & Furious film.
Fast X’s marketing campaign is getting increasingly bizarre as Vin Diesel makes some big claims about the upcoming Fast and Furious movie. Given how much the Fast and Furious franchise has grown since The Fast and the Furious (2001), Fast X is expected to be a massive cinematic event. Still, Diesel’s recent comments on the movie are setting the bar high for Fast X, both in terms of action pieces and character moments.

Following several promises of “one last ride”, Fast X has the difficult mission of actually wrapping up the Fast and Furious saga. Fast X will be followed by Fast X Part 2, making it a two-part Fast and Furious finale. As the face of the franchise, Dominic Toretto’s actor Vin Diesel is often the one who hypes up the films and explains what the latest Fast and Furious installment is trying to achieve.
Cinema’s Longest Love Story? Vin Diesel Has Made Some Bold Fast X Claims

The expectations for what Fast X can deliver are high, and Vin Diesel has some bold claims about the first part of the Fast and Furious finale. For example, according to Diesel, Dom and Letty’s relationship in Fast X continues cinema’s “longest love story.” Diesel also hyped up Dante Reyes, Jason Momoa’s Fast X character, promising that audiences will “never, ever forget Dante Reyes.” The Dominic Toretto actor noted that the Fast and Furious franchise has always been daring, but that he hopes Fast X has earned the right to be “this daring” after 23 years.
During the Fast X trailer launch event, Diesel revealed that he wants Robert Downey Jr. to join Fast and Furious for the next film as the antithesis of Dominic Toretto. Vin Diesel has also described Fast and Furious as “the world’s saga” in an Instagram post, noting all the countries that have been part of the Fast and Furious mythology. When explaining why Fast X was split into two parts, the Fast and Furious star mentioned that the franchise has earned the audiences’ trust. Diesel believes that Fast and Furious’ ambitious finale asked for more than just one movie, which is why Fast X involves a “cliffhanger of that magnitude.” (via iHollywoodTV)

Why Fast X’s Ridiculous Marketing Is Absolutely Perfect
Fast and Furious has embraced the absurdity of the franchise positively, both in front and behind the cameras. For example, after so many jokes about Fast and Furious going into space, F9 did it. One of the most interesting things about Fast and Furious’ self-aware approach is that it sets the bar high for the next film regarding how ambitiously absurd the action pieces can get. This balance between not taking things too seriously but still honoring the characters’ legacies worked perfectly for previous Fast and Furious films. That is why Fast X’s ridiculous marketing is quite perfect.

Starting with Fast Five, which turned Dom’s family into an elite heist team, Fast and Furious movies became blockbusters in the very essence of the word. The idea is for the next installment to always be bigger than the previous one, which is challenging for Fast X. As the first of a two-part Fast and Furious finale and the tenth film in the Dominic Toretto saga, Fast X has to feel bigger, more epic than anything that came before. Vin Diesel’s Fast X claims are bold, but they live up to what the film is expected to deliver in terms of scale.

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