‘I guess I won’t sleep tonight!’ Horror fans left with ‘nightmares’ after tuning into ‘terrifying’ and ‘creepy’ Netflix film Wounds

‘I guess I won’t sleep tonight!’ Horror fans left with ‘nightmares’ after tuning into ‘terrifying’ and ‘creepy’ Netflix film Wounds

Horror fans were left struggling to sleep after tuning into scary Netflix movie Wounds.
The 2019 psychological horror film starring Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson is so bone chilling that viewers admitted to having nightmares, with one terrified fan remarking: ‘I guess I won’t sleep tonight’.

The film follows Will, played by Hammer, a bartender based in New Orleans who is has a number of creepy and disturbing things happen to him after he picks up a phone left in his run-down bar.
He is horrified by what he sees as he scrolls through the photo and video library on the device.

He’s also unnerved by messages from a guys called Garrett, who is seemingly terrified as something follows him from a tunnel.
Johnson, who plays his wife Carrie, is suspicious about what he’s hiding after she overhears him talking to someone late at night and then refuses to let her see what’s on the phone.

As mysterious things begin to happen to the bartender, he finds his sanity slowly unravelling.
The film also stars Zazie Beetz as Will’s ex Alicia and Karl Glusman as Alicia’s boyfriend Jeffrey.

Viewers tuning into the film were quick to express their feelings after settling down to watch the Babak Anvari directed horror.
‘So, I’m watching #Wounds and it’s kind of scary’ commented one viewer.
While another shared: ‘Jesus christ, I just watched “#Wounds” on #Netflix and I guess I won’t sleep tonight. This is the most terrifying movie I have watched in a very long time.’
‘I’m all about Dakota Johnson at the moment. Now I’m watching #Wounds. It’s gross’ shared a third freaked-out watcher.
‘Just finished watching #wounds on Netflix. Not as scary as I thought it would be but the ending creepy af! #dakotajohnson delivers her scenes well in my opinion’ wrote a fourth.
With another adding: ‘#Wounds 2019 This one creepy-crawled its way under my skin and into my psyche, stimulating a nightmare wherein I was made aware of arcane knowledge locked within the code for MS Excel.’
Meanwhile, earlier this month, terrified viewers of Netflix horror Hellhole claim they were so shaken by the show they were unable to get the movie out their heads ‘weeks’.
The Polish language film, released by the streaming giant last year, and is set in the country in 1987.
It tells the gripping story of a police officer who is investigating mysterious disappearances.
The cop infiltrates a remote monastery before uncovering the dark truth about its clergy.
And many viewers of the frightening flick took to Twitter to express just how disturbed they were after watching, with some saying they could not get it out of their head.
One person wrote: ‘It’s been over two weeks since I’ve watched Hellhole on Netflix and it’s stuck in my brain!’
While another person wrote: ‘Watch Hellhole on Netflix. Slow burner but what an ending! Partner couldn’t last though it, it was too gross.’
‘I just finished Hellhole on Netflix and I’m sitting here thinking about it. It held my attention but wtf did I just watch?,’ asked another viewer.
While another shaken viewer tweeted: ‘Was a bad decision to watch Hellhole on Netflix.’

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