“The thing that scared me when he was drinking beef blood”: Bruce Lee’s Bizzare Diet to Stay Shredded Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger Left His Student Awestruck

“The thing that scared me when he was drinking beef blood”: Bruce Lee’s Bizzare Diet to Stay Shredded Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger Left His Student Awestruck

If you’re a fan of martial arts, you would quickly recognize who Bruce Lee is! The late actor became a pop culture icon of the 20th century with his contribution to the film industry and martial arts. Even after his demise, his influence across the world was prominently seen in several sectors including film, television, and comics.
Given his action-star persona, he had to go through an intense diet to successfully get the perfect physique that many wanted so as to work in the Hollywood industry. He decided to take a bizarre diet unlike action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger to get himself in shape to get action-star roles.

Bruce Lee Built an Amazing Physique That Was Visible in His Films!
The late actor used to have a small body frame, unlike other actors that transitioned from the MMA industry like Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, when his appearance became a hindrance to getting a lead role in Hollywood movies.

To overcome that challenge, he began to put extreme efforts into building a body like the latter to get his breakthrough in the Hollywood film industry.
In Lee’s biography, Bruce Lee: A Life, author Mathew Polly unveiled how the former built a toned physique by adding that it was different from The Terminator star.

“He was shredded, not pumped like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”
Many were shocked to see his physique in his 1966 film, The Green Hornet as he was chubby.

His co-star, Van Williams stated in the biography that he had “…a little pudgy and had a little baby fat on him when I first met him.”
However, he continued to change himself physically by building a body that “looked like it was sculpted out of marble” when he starred in The Way of the Dragon.
The Insane Diet Plan of Bruce Lee
As per the biography, the Big Boss actor shared his bizarre diet plans with his close ones who followed it strictly with his workout to get the desired output. As for Bruce Lee’s diet, he had a high-protein shake which was made from Rheo Blair Protein Powder, powdered milk, eggs, bananas, vegetable oil, peanut flour, ice water, eggshells, and chocolate ice cream.
Not just that, his diet plan also included extracting benefits from ginseng and queen bee honey.
He also used to have raw hamburger beef with smoothies at times. There was also a special ingredient that he did for his physical transformation which was drinking cow blood.
His student-turned-actor, James Coburn, who was quite close to him shared in the biography,
“The thing that really scared me was when he was drinking beef blood.”
Drinking animal blood might seem bizarre to many but it is healthy if it is consumed in minimal proportions. His determination eventually resulted in him getting a perfect body shape that helped him in becoming an icon in the industry.
The biography is available on Amazon.

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