Francia Raísa says Selena Gomez fans are still bullying her: ‘I don’t understand why’

Francia Raísa says Selena Gomez fans are still bullying her: ‘I don’t understand why’

Francia Raísa recently opened up about the online harassment she has endured in the wake of her latest alleged falling out with Selena Gomez.
In a new interview with TMZ, the How I Met Your Father star described the type of hateful messages she has received from Gomez’s fans and urged people to stop bullying her and others on social media.

Raísa is famous for two reasons: acting and donating a kidney to Gomez in 2017.
“In no way shape or form does anyone condone bullying – especially Selena,” Raísa told TMZ on Monday.

“She literally has a whole nonprofit dedicated to mental health. … So the fact that now I’m being bullied as I am, and it is messing with me mentally … it’s not what anyone wants for someone.”
The Grown-ish actor has been targeted by a fresh wave of online hate after dodging questions from the same TMZ reporter about her friendship with Gomez in late April.

Some interpreted Raísa’s responses as “shade” directed at Gomez – despite the fact that she never mentioned the Only Murders in the Building star by name.
When approached by that TMZ reporter this week, Raísa acknowledged that their previous interaction “made quite a show” and admitted she didn’t “really want to talk” to the reporter again.

Gomez is “literally out there saying, ‘Please stop,’” Raísa said Monday – referencing the Lose You to Love Me singer’s attempts to quell the recent drama surrounding her and model Hailey Bieber.
“So I don’t understand why it’s not stopping – not just for me, but for others that are also being antagonised online.”
Raísa added that the comments have gotten “pretty bad” and recalled one person telling her, “I hope someone goes up your p…. and rips out your other kidney you f…ing w….”
“I’m doing my best to not listen, to not read, and I’m very happy. I’m living my life,” Raísa continued.
“I’ve been a hardcore fan of people growing up myself. I totally, totally, totally get it. But it’s not nice. So … not just with me but with anyone, please stop.”
Fans and tabloids began to speculate that longtime friends Raísa and Gomez weren’t on good terms after the Rare artist told Rolling Stone last year that Taylor Swift was her “only friend in the industry”.
Raísa deemed that remark “interesting” in a quickly deleted Instagram comment, while Gomez wrote, “Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know,” under a TikTok analysing Raísa’s reaction to the Rolling Stone story.
During her viral run-in with TMZ last month, Raísa declined to answer queries about Gomez but said she is happy to spread awareness about organ donation.
“I would definitely speak to someone again about the organ donation process and stuff because I’ve done it a few times,” she told TMZ, explaining that at least one person has benefited from her advice.
“It’s not something I promote, obviously. But … for all of that, it’s worth it.”

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