Just How Bad Was Jesse Rutherford’s Breakup With Devon Lee Carlson Before Dating Billie Eilish?

Just How Bad Was Jesse Rutherford’s Breakup With Devon Lee Carlson Before Dating Billie Eilish?

Prior to his publicized relationship with Billie Eilish, The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford had a serious romance with Devon Lee Carlson.
Although many young singers put their heart and souls into their work, Billie Eilish has an enviable talent for teen angst songs that people truly connect to. The music that she writes with her brother Finneas O’Connell is emotional and even sometimes totally devastating. And that’s exactly how fans like it, as Eilish has only increased in popularity since her first album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” was released in 2019.

Since Billie Eilish is 21 years old and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford is 31, fans have been a bit concerned about that age gap. It doesn’t seem to bug them at all, though. But prior to falling in love with the singer, Jesse Rutherford was in a serious romance with Devon Lee Carlson. Was the split really difficult and terrible for both Rutherford and Carlson?
Why Did Jesse Rutherford Break Up With Devon Lee Carlson?Billie Eilish knew she was ready for a relationship when she met Jesse Rutherford. And his relationship history is just as dramatic as the songs that she writes.

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson broke up in 2021, according to Life & Style Magazine. The publication reported that they first met each other when they were spending time at a mall. Carlson explained to GQ in an interview, “We love clothes so much, it totally makes sense that we met at the mall.”
It sounds like it was tough as they had been together for seven years. And while they did go their separate ways in 2015 for a little while, they were able to work things out.

According to V Magazine, Rutherford and Carlson knew each other when they were teenagers. They began talking on social media and he was older than her. He was in grade twelve and she was only in grade nine at the time.
Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford’s relationship got a lot of attention as they are both in the public eye. Carlson posts often on social media and YouTube and became popular on TikTok. She also has a company called Wildflower Cases that sells iPhone cases. She runs it with her mother and sister Michelle and Sydney Carlson.

In 2022, Devon Lee Carlson was interviewed on the podcast Call Her Daddy by Alex Cooper alongside her sister Sydney. Devon Lee Carlson talked about the break-up with Jesse Rutherford. It sounds like there was honestly no drama involved and that she feels fine about it. And while of course, it must have been hard to say goodbye after many years together, there doesn’t seem to have been any big reason for the split.
Carlson said, “Obviously I was in a relationship for a very long time, a public relationship and we had the most mutual breakup ever and we still are totally chill and friends, and supportive of each other and whatever. But then I was like ‘Holy f*ck I’m single!’ for the first time in my entire life,” according to a post from PopBuzz’s Instagram account.
Whenever Devon Lee Carlson talked about her relationship with Jesse Rutherford, it sounded like they had a peaceful and happy time together. She told Allure in 2020, “I’ve always given my boyfriend sh*t because he has a SpongeBob tattoo,” Carlson says. “He is the biggest SpongeBob fan on the planet. I would bring up episodes and he’s like, ‘I don’t think I’ve seen that one.’ And I’m like, He didn’t know who DoodleBob was. And I was just like, ‘What? You have a SpongeBob tattoo. How could you not?’”
Dazed Digital called Carlson and Rutherford “the internet’s favorite couple.” Fans found them very stylish and loved seeing what outfits they were wearing.
Based on Carlson’s comments, it sounds like the split from Rutherford wasn’t that bad at all. She doesn’t seem to have any harsh feelings about it. It’s possible that after seven years together, things just naturally ran their course and they knew that they shouldn’t stay together.
Jesse Rutherford hasn’t said anything about splitting up with Devon Lee Carlson. But that seems to make sense based on his personality and feelings about social media and the press in general.
In 2020, Rutherford spoke to Interview Magazine about coming up with Chip Chrome, a kind of alternate persona for himself. He mentioned that people wanted to talk to him about Carlson but that he liked to talk about his music.
Rutherford said, “I’m trying to figure out myself in all of this. Maybe I’m expected to have already done that, but I haven’t. I feel like I turned into a ‘thing’ on the Internet. When you work on a piece of music for a long time, you post it, and it gets X amount of likes, then you post a picture with your girlfriend and it gets X amount… It’s just a weird, challenging, confusing feeling. I feel like there’s an opportunity to get off the platform, or at least try it this way.
The Truth About Jesse Rutherford’s Relationship With Billie EilishJesse Rutherford and Billie Eilish seem to have started dating in October 2022, according to People. In December 2022, she was performing at a concert when Rutherford joined her. And they have been photographed out in public several times since the beginning of 2023.
According to Yahoo! News, Eilish briefly talked about dating Rutherford. “Falling in love is hard for me. It’s a spooky thing, love. It’s really spooky.”
Eilish did share that she is really pleased about the relationship. The singer said, “I could bawl my eyes out thinking about it.”
Eilish has been candid about all of her relationships. She previously dated Brandon Quentin Adams, who she mentioned in Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry, her documentary that can be streamed on AppleTV+. She was also in a relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce.
Even though fans have wondered about the age difference between Jesse Rutherford and Billie Eilish, she doesn’t seem to care that there is a decade between them. And she seems content to be in the relationship, based on an interview that she gave to Vanity Fair and the Instagram posts she has shared.

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