“Come Back to You”: Jackie Chan Once Revealed the Techniques of Making Good Impressions

“Come Back to You”: Jackie Chan Once Revealed the Techniques of Making Good Impressions

Any movie or martial arts fan will recognize Jackie Chan’s name immediately. Chan has been in the film business for quite some time; his knowledge of martial arts earned him gigs as a stuntman at the beginning of his career, and he quickly became known as a master in the action comedy subgenre. Since he didn’t become a famous actor overnight, Chan was always happy to provide advice gleaned from his years of experience in the business.
In his autobiography Never Grow Up, published in 2015, Chan recounts the individuals he’s encountered along the way of his illustrious career as a whole. He also emphasizes a detail that is crucial in his view.

A note-worthy tip by Jackie Chan
Before everything else, Jackie Chan remembers when his parents enrolled him in a theatrical school. He expresses his sense of isolation at the institution, solemnly saying, “I had no one”. When Chan became more well-known, he realized that people began to gravitate toward him. In order to compartmentalize his newfound company he began to classify them as either “good friends” or “good-time friends.” When deciding with whom to collaborate on scripts, films, and general good times, Chan used this information to make sound decisions.

In addition, Chan stresses the need to leave a positive impression, referring to how “You should always know that you are being sorted, and act accordingly”. In his autobiography, Chan mentions, “To make a good impression, all you have to do is talk to people, look them in the eye, and show them respect and love.” He points out how he has established his rapport with his co-workers. “At work, I repay with kindness and keep my door open. I’m loyal to my longtime colleagues and have worked with the same team for many years”, explains Chan.
Speaking about his penchant for working with newcomers, Chan elaborates, “I give newcomers a chance and take care of them so that they have every opportunity to shine. All those good practices and intentions come back to you.” Be it Chinese actress, Xu Jinglei from Rush Hour 2, or Jingchu Zhang from Rush Hour 3, Chan made it a point to stand up for them during shoots. However, things did not start so well with his famous Rush Hour series co-star, Chris Tucker.

One of his good friends
The Rush Hour series’ immense success may be attributed to the fact that it is among the genre’s finest action comedies. All of the Rush Hour films benefit from the obvious chemistry between Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. But it was tough going for Chan in the first film, which came out in 1998. During filming, tensions between Chan and Tucker boiled out in part because of their linguistic barriers.

After filming wrapped, though, Chan said that he learned a lot about the English language from working with Chris Tucker. Indirectly, Tucker aided Chan in landing additional opportunities in the Hollywood business as Chan learned to fit in. Tucker and Chan have remained close friends for many years despite their past disagreements from their first venture together.
Chan’s guidance was based on his extensive experience in the film industry. However, it has successfully guided him in all the spheres of his life.

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