“Daddy, I Want a Tattoo”: Father-of-Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils a Super-Intelligent Technique He Used on His Own Kids

“Daddy, I Want a Tattoo”: Father-of-Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils a Super-Intelligent Technique He Used on His Own Kids

Former bodybuilding pro, Arnold Schwarzenegger often enlightens fans with tips stemming from his pool of fitness expertise. However, in the recent edition of his newsletter, the star athlete showcased his impressive parenting skills as well. As part of the Arnold Q&A session, a fan shared that his two infant kids copy him when working out, and even have their own dumbbells of appropriate weight. Thus, he asked if the icon has any tips to keep them motivated consistently.
Schwarzenegger replied to the query with full enthusiasm and revealed ingenious advice that even worked effectively on his own kids. He implied that allowing kids to simply follow their guardians, without any added pressure, will ultimately keep them driven. However, he mindfully noted that if the kid intends to discontinue training later on, that is okay as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s parental rule #101
As the source disclosed, the 75-year-old legend was asked if he has any proper workout regimen for kids around the age of 6 and 9, who already have begun their workout routine with dumbells of 1 and 5 lbs. Moreover, the question asked what can be done to keep them motivated for long. In response to that, Schwarzenegger shared an interesting anecdote from his fatherhood days. He shared that he applied the strategy when his kids wanted tattoos.

“Daddy, I want a tattoo,” he wrote. His reaction was denoted as, “Let’s go get one.” Thus, his compliance suddenly killed the kids’ desire to get inked. The ultimate advice was, “The key with kids is just leading by example, not forcing it. If you force it, it will backfire.” Therefore, the Austrian Oak asked the fan to keep up with his good work.
“Let them copy you and watch you train,” he wrote. Yet, the star made sure to assert that the kids’ interests be kept as the foremost priority. Schwarzenegger claimed that even his kids watched him train and sometimes, they didn’t wanna follow the path. “You’re playing the long game,” he stated. Similarly, a community member once asked the IFBB pro about the best age for kids to get introduced to workouts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s observation on kids starting work outAs per sources, the seven-time Mr. Olympia reiterated the aforementioned statement that the kids’ interests mustn’t be forced, but rather be influenced. “I have photos of my kids as toddlers sitting in my lap while I do rows,” the actor shared. The role of the parent in such a case, must be to pose as a primary idol for their kids.
Besides that, the champion also implied that basing their focus on sports and fun activities can be done until they express their interest in working out. He intended to utilize the kids’ emulation capabilities to drive their interests to fruition.

Schwarzenegger’s advice on kids’ training is difficult to disagree with, as it is undoubtful that the choice be left to the kid itself. Moreover, no forced work yields great results or sticks around in the long run. What did you think of his revelation? Do you agree with it? Tell us in the comments.

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